Highlands varsity volleyball team sweeps Nantahala

The Lady Highlanders varsity volleyball team took on Nantahala at home on Monday and won with a final, 3-0.

Highlands dominated play throughout all three sets and Coach Desiray Schmitt said the match against Nantahala gives the Lady Highlanders a chance to work out some of the kinks and try new things.

“It helps because everyone gets out on the court, many of them stepping into new positions they wouldn’t normally play and getting out of their comfort zone,” said Schmitt.

Highlands Julia May Schmitt starts Monday’s match off against Nantahala at her usual position as hitter up at the net.

Highlands hitter Julia May Schmitt is accustomed to putting points on the board from up at the net, but stepped into the back row for a set.

“I’m never is the back row and it felt really awkward,” said Julia May. “I’m not good at passing so we try and avoid that.”

Highlands setter Tessa Wisniewski said Monday was a great opportunity to change things up a bit.

“I was trying new things, different types of sets,” Wisniewski. “Plus, it gives us a chance to slow down and work on our control.”

Highlands Tessa Wisniewski sends a steady stream of sets along the front line against Nantahala on Monday at home.

The win against Nantahala brings Highlands’ record to 3-4.

“You always wish it could go better,” said Wisniewski. “You hope to win all of your games, but that doesn’t happen all the time, especially with a short season. So, you just hope for the best.”

Highlands Alyson Dayton kept busy returning Nantahala serves on Monday.

Highlands Ann Marie Moore sends the ball back over to Nantahala.

Highlands Haley Small chases down a free ball against Nantahala.

Highlands Ella Crook serves to Nantahala.


Highlands Reese Schmitt digs a Nantahala kills.

Highlands Ava Schmitt subs in for Alyson Dayton.


Highlands Ann Marie Moore crushes the ball onto Nantahala’s side of the court.

Highlands Ava Schmitt tips the ball over the net.

Highlands Tessa Wisniewski serves Nantahala.

Highlands Brandy Zagal makes a pass playing Nantahala at home.

Highlands Reese Schmitt gets ready to serve against Nantahala.

Highlands Haley Small sets the ball against Nantahala at home.

Pictured at the top of the article is Highlands Ava Schmitt scoring a kill against Nantahala at home.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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