JCDPH continues to vaccinate Groups 1 & 2 despite state’s timeline

NCDHHS announces state timeline to vaccinate Group 3

The Jackson County Department of Public Health (JCDPH) has followed NCDHHS’s guidelines for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines since vaccines became available in late December 2020. Progression from Group to Group has depended on vaccine availability and supply across our State and in our community.

On Feb. 10, NCDHHS announced that North Carolina would move to Group 3, opening COVID-19 vaccination to frontline essential workers starting with educators and childcare providers effective Feb. 24.

While JCDPH knows the importance of vaccinating all in our community as quickly as possible, we still have over 3,600 community members who fall into Group 1 (healthcare workers, long term care staff and residents) and Group 2 (anyone 65 years and older) who have not yet been vaccinated due to inadequate supply.

Based on this, JCDPH will not yet advance to Group 3.

JCDPH will continue to solely vaccinate those who fall into Group 1 and Group 2 until they have had a chance to receive an appointment.

Once they progress to additional Groups, they will inform the community through their website, Facebook page, and local media partners.

For more information, visit JCDPH’s website HERE or call the Jackson County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 828-631-HELP.

Many questions can be answered by reviewing JCDPH’s FAQ page HERE.

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