Summit students publish article through school enrichment program

Summit students were given a firsthand look at journalism during a visit by Plateau Daily News Publisher Brian O’Shea on March 4. His visit was part of the WIN Program, or What Individuals Need, for grades K-8.

“This is a time during everyday K-5 and once a month 6-8 where students receive additional instructional support in areas that they are struggling with, or enrichment for those students who are excelling academically,” said Summit K-8 Principal & EC Director Andrea Chalker.

Brian O’Shea shows Summit students how to use a camera and fly a drone at the WIN enrichment program.

Chalker said the goal is to provide opportunities for students to experience different gifts and talents modeled in our community.

O’Shea tasked students with covering his presentation by taking notes, photos, conducting interviews, and writing up an article.

From left are Summit students Sydney Sinclair and Lydia Hughes interviewing Summit Head of School Kurt Pusch about the WIN program.

He told the 6-8th-grade students that PDN is an online news site that covers the community in the Highlands/Cashiers area.

“If it impacts the community, it should be covered,” said O’Shea. “All the awesome things nonprofits are doing to help people on the Plateau. Schools, sports, government, police, fire, this should all be covered, and I do my best to make that happen.”

O’Shea showed students how to use a camera and gave them a chance to fly a drone and take photos throughout his presentation. Afterwards, students conducted interviews and outlined writing an article.

Summit student photographers working on their action shots.

“We value a child’s whole learning experience and want to give them a chance to broaden that experience by bringing in speakers from outside the classroom,” said Summit Head of School Kurt Pusch. “Students learn more about the community and by bringing in speakers it gives them real-life experience.”

Students learned how to fly a drone using a small beginner’s aircraft, but it has the same flight controls as today’s top-tier professional drones. Pictured is Wylie Hoffman flying the drone like a young Han Solo.

Some students thought journalism was “pretty awesome.”

“It was really cool because I like flying drones and taking pictures,” said Mabel Kennedy.

Summit student Emily Stiwinter let her friend work on her close-up photography technique.

Others said journalism wasn’t what they expected.

“I never knew how much work goes into making an article,” said Brayden Hahn.

Student photographers experimented with different lighting background while taking photos. Pictured from left are Anthony Qemali and Brayden Hahn.

Students were given objectives while flying the drone to try and frame challenging shots. Pictured are Brian O’Shea and Summit Teacher Holly Chick.

From left are Summit students Keira Mathis, Olive Knops, Kendalyn Buck, and Lydia Owen laughing as the drone hovers over them and takes a pic.

Article by Kendalyn Buck, Samuel Dyer, Ranier Finley, Brayden Hahn, Wylie Hoffman, Lydia Hughes, Olive Knops, Keira Mathis, Lydia Owen, Sydney Sinclair, Emily Stiwinter, and Anthony Qemali

Photos by Ranier Finley, Brayden Hahn, Sydney Sinclair, and Emily Stiwinter

Aerial photos provided by Drone Pilots Rainier Finley, Wylie Hoffman, Lydia Hughes, and Mabel Kennedy

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  1. What a great thing for you to do!! It looks like your session with the children was really exciting for them. Thank you so much for taking your time to share with Summit. You may have created a Rachel Maddow or Tom Friedman in the process, or even a well-informed citizen. Either way, good on you.

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