Highlands takes the win against BREC at home

Highlands girls varsity soccer team took on Blue Ridge Early College at home on March 22 and solidly took the win with a final of 7-0.

Highlands Reese Schmitt and BREC Jazi Ferrin race for the ball on March 22 in Highlands.

Highlands Reese Schmitt scored three goals and said they played well.

“I think that we played good, better than our first game for sure,” said Schmitt. “We had some really good passes and our spacing was good. It feels pretty good since I have a lot of great friends over there.”

Highlands Mac Woods controls a pass and sends the ball up to the offense.

Highlands Mac Woods said they are improving and played well against BREC.

“Throughout every game we have gotten better,” said Woods. “What really paid off is we paid attention to our spacing during the game, which helps us win small games inside the actual game. It felt really good to beat Blue Ridge, I know my team is very happy with it.”

BREC Holly Foss switching direction after a pass gets tipped with Highlands Kaitlyn Doerter keeping the pressure on.

BREC Coach Nick Pressler said the Lady Bobcats played very timid ball and a lack of practice time showed on the field, but they will get better.

“We will work on formations and ball movement,” said Pressler. “Having only 12 players with 5 never playing organized soccer before, it’s always going to be a work in progress. I am just glad they didn’t give up. We have 5 freshmen and are a very-young team. They will get on track and improvements are all we can ask for.”

BREC Brenda Rodriguez takes a shot on goal with Highlands Brandy Zagal looking to shut it down.

BREC Chloe Fowler checks out her options before throwing the ball in.

Highlands Madi Drummond gets clear before centering the ball against BREC.

BREC goalie Gracie Watson makes a stop against Highlands.

Highlands Caroline Woods stops a BREC pass.

BREC Abigail Corona keeps the pressure on Highlands Reese Schmitt.

Highlands Caitlyn Tingen takes a shot on BREC’s goal.

BREC Jazi Ferrin makes her way out of Lady Bobcat territory against Highlands.

Highlands goalie Allison Dayton sends a goal kick down the field to a signaling Reese Schmitt.

BREC Sadie McLaughlin works her way down the field under pressure from Highlands Kaitlyn Doerter.

Highlands Getsi Hernandez gets the ball out of the danger zone against BREC.

BREC Bailee Collins controls a wild pass and kicks the ball down the field.

Highlands Addie Westendorf heads the ball against BREC.

BREC Brenda Rodriguez zig-zags her way to take a shot on Highlands’ goal.

Highlands Caroline Woods tries to take the ball from BREC Chloe Fowler.

BREC Holly Foss dribbles the ball down the field against Highlands.

Highlands Reese Schmitt breaks away towards BREC’s goal after a solid pass up the field.

BREC Jazi Ferrin sends a goal kick to the other end of the field.

Highlands Kaitlyn Doerter moves the ball down field against BREC.

BREC goalie Gracie Watson stops a shot on goal against Highlands.

Abbie Doerter moves the ball down the field under pressure from BREC Brenda Rodriguez.

BREC Chloe Fowler makes her move to take a shot on goal.

Highlands Julia May Schmitt stops a BREC pass and sends the ball in the other direction.

BREC Abigail Corona races to to take a shot on goal against Highlands.

Highlands Anne Marie Moore stops a BREC attempt to score.

BREC Arelli Romero dribbles the ball down to Highlands’ side of the field.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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