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After this past vaccination clinic on Saturday, Tom Neal sent out a message to volunteers that it was time to shift strategies in getting people vaccinated. While there may still be opportunities for mass vaccination events like those that have been done over the last several months, it is time to encourage everyone to get vaccinated at the several locations where vaccinations are available.

Tom Neal, the CEO of the Highlands Cashiers Hospital, has done a wonderful job in organizing the 250 volunteers that have put on the vaccination clinics. Tom is an expert and a professional who has effectively addressed the challenge of quickly vaccinating as many folks  as possible.

He is now encouraging everyone, all adults, to get a vaccination using the following resources.

Anyone can call the Macon County Public Health Department at 828.524.1500, or the Jackson County Public Health Department at 828.631.4357 to schedule an appointment to be vaccinated. Both departments have the resources to vaccinate all who want a shot.

Also, pharmacies are now able to vaccinate people. Call the Highlands Pharmacy at 828.526.1310, or the Cashiers Valley Pharmacy at 828.743-3114, or the Ingles Pharmacy at 828.746.6312 for an appointment.

To date, 5,419 people and counting have been fully vaccinated in the Highlands and Cashiers area. While this is a great number, Tom and his army of volunteers urge everyone to get vaccinated. 

Using the resources cited above, folks can schedule a vaccination time around work schedules and other commitments. There is no excuse at this point not to get a vaccination. Honoring the spirit of the folks that operate the Highlands Cashiers Plateau Vaccination Clinic, we all need to do it for ourselves and for others.

On another note, there will be construction crews patching degraded areas on NC 28 and US 64. This work is in preparation of Harrison Construction Company returning to the area to repave the entire roadway on NC 28 and US 64. 

The areas being patched are those spots with the “alligatoring” patterns. That pattern is emblematic of roadbed failure. In order for the new paving to last, the roadbed in these areas has to be reworked and strengthened followed by an asphalt patch. The actual repaving might go faster than the patching of these many problem areas.

Tomorrow is the Highlands Town Board meeting at 7 p.m. at the Highlands Conference Center.  The meeting is in person with public comment during the first part of the meeting. COVID protocols will be in place.

The meeting will also be available through ZOOM for those who would like to be a remote visitor. No interaction will be available through the ZOOM option. The agenda for the meeting is light, but there is a public hearing concerning the new Performing Arts Center. The board will also review where we are on combating COVID.

Last Saturday, the Highlands Plateau Pickup of the main corridors was postponed due to rain and fog. It is rescheduled for this Saturday. Volunteers should call the Highlands Chamber of Commerce at 828.526.2112 to sign up and get information.

  • Town of Highlands Mayor Pat Taylor

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