The Bascom’s 11th Annual Three Potters Symposium happening today

The Bascom’s 11th Annual Three Potters Symposium begins today from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with an all-day session with artists Matt Schiemann, Takuro Shibata, and Hitomi Shibata at The Bascom.

The Three Potters Symposium brings three of North Carolina’s best ceramics artists together for a day of demonstrations, discussion, and exhibition. Each artist will share their inspirations, techniques and stories about their lives while making work.

Matt Schiemann will demonstrate his wheel throwing process as well as decorative processes with underglazes on forms such as make pitchers, teapots, mugs, flasks.

Hitomi Shibata and Takuro Shibata will share their experiences of making functional pottery with local materials including wild clays and wood ashes, and discuss the use of hand-built wood-fired kilns they use to fire their pieces.

The Saturday symposium is a ticketed event, but there will be room for visitors to stand and watch. Works by the artists will be on sale on Saturday,  June 19 from 10 5 p.m. only.

For more information, please contact The Bascom at 828.526.4949, or call the Dave Drake Studio at The Bascom at 828 787.2892.

Article courtesy of The Bascom

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