Fighting melanoma is a Crews family affair

Seven years ago, when Evans Crews was diagnosed with melanoma, her daughters took it personally and decided to fight right along with her.

Though Evans’ fight entailed targeted chemotherapy, Attie and Callie took the artistic route, maybe because their mom is an art teacher. 

The girls and a few good friends decided that since the best way to prevent melanoma was to prevent sunburns, they created a bracelet that alerts when it’s time to reapply sunscreen.

“We have learned that the best way to prevent melanoma and other skin cancers is to start at a young age,” they said. 

So, with “one change,” that of the stone in the bracelet turning a color, the wearer knows it’s time to reapply sunscreen. 

Over the years, their designs have evolved into cool bracelets fit for kids of all ages and genders so they know when it’s time for sunscreen.

One Change bracelets are hand-crafted with clear beads that change to purple, pink or yellow when exposed to ultraviolet rays. That’s the cue to put on sunscreen.

Their mother Evans had a mole on her scalp for years, but since she couldn’t see it, she wasn’t really aware of it or concerned.

But one day her hairbrush sort of bumped over it and alarms went off. She headed to her dermatologist who biopsied it and discovered melanoma under the mole – not the mole itself – and the rest is history.

Since 2018, her girls and their friends have raised more than $98,000 and 100% of it has gone to melanoma research conducted at various cancer research institutions. They disperse funds about four times a year.

“It is our mission to spread the word to children and adults, hopefully decreasing one of the few preventable cancers,” they said. “You can decrease your odds of getting skin cancer by protecting your skin.”

The One Change nonprofit’s goal is to eradicate melanoma and according to Evans there have been many advances in the past five years.

The Crews family lives in Florida but summers here in Highlands with Evans’ Dunwoody side of the family.

Swing by Highlands Farmers Market Saturdays in K-H Founders Park 8a to noon and pick up a bracelet for someone you love. They range in price and design from $10-$15.

Like Attie and Callie say, one change, can make a difference!

Pictured at the top of the article is the Crews Family at Highlands Farmers Market where daughters Attie and Callie sell One Change Bracelets to fund melanoma research. From left are Attie, Dad Shawn, Callie and Mom Evans.     

Article and photos by Kim Lewicki, Highlands Newspaper

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