HCLT asks visitors to leave food at home due to increased bear encounters

Recent hikers and visitors of Ravenel Park have been run off by a momma bear and her cubs so they can get their paws on human food.

Pictured below is Ravenel Park, home of Sunset and Sunrise rocks, and a popular attraction throughout the year in Highlands. The bear at the end of the video is from a busy June evening on Sunset Rock in 2018.

Ravenel Park is where Sunset and Sunrise rocks are located and tend to draw large numbers of visitors throughout the year, especially during summer.

HCLT asks visitors not to bring food to Ravenel Park because of increased bear encounters.

Due to the danger of this situation, Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust asks that people do not bring any food products along your hike to Sunset or Sunrise rocks.

A bear hangs out at another HCLT property, Kelsey Trail, a couple blocks away from Ravenel Park in Highlands.

Don’t leave the food in the car, leave it at home. HCLT appreciates your understanding. 

Stay safe!

Bears can climb trees, keep your head on a swivel. Pictured above a bear climbs approx. 60 feet up a tree at HCLT’s Kelsey Trail.

Pictured at the top of the article is a bear who wandered off HCLT’s Kelsey Trail and into a resident’s yard.

Article courtesy of the Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust
Photos by Brian O’Shea, Plateau Daily News

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