Lady Highlanders sweep Hayesville in season opener

The Lady Highlanders varsity volleyball team travelled to Hayesville on Monday for the season opener that ended in a 3-0 Highlands victory.

Highlands started off slow in the first game, staying neck and neck with the Lady Yellow Jackets but still managing to pull off the win. Things picked up for Highlands during the second game.

Highlands Julia May Schmitt hammers home a hit against Hayesville for a point.

“We were just too nervous in the first game,” said Highlands Julia May Schmitt. “The second game was way better once we found our groove.”

Highlands India Clark slams the ball down for a point against Hayesville.

Highlands Ava Schmitt said there were some nerves during the first game, but then they settled into a comfortable rhythm.

“We had the first-game jitters, but we kept playing our game and started playing together,” said Ava. “And when you start a season on someone else’s home court, you got to play harder and be extra loud.”

Ava added that it felt great to win, but it just felt good to be able to play.

“It feels amazing getting back out on the court with the girls and have that energy,” she said.

Highlands Ava Schmitt passes a short Hayesville free ball.

Highlands Coach Desiray Schmitt said the girls went out there and got the job done.

“Varsity did really good,” said Desiray. “They talked and played just how we wanted them to, great way to start a week of games!”

Highlands Ezra Branham posts up for a block against Hayesville.

Highlands Reese Schmitt returns a Hayesville serve.

Highlands Emma Minton jumps to block Hayesville.

Highlands Brandy Zagal races to pass a short tip by Hayesville.

Highlands Reese Schmitt serving Hayesville.

Highlands Julia May Schmitt passes the ball with Emma Minton in the background and Ashlynn Wilson trying to get out of Julia’s way.

Highlands Ezra Branham blocks a Hayesville hit while Emma Minton covers.

Highlands India Clark spikes the ball down on Hayesville for a point.

From left are Highlands Julia May Schmitt and Emma Minton throwing up a block against Hayesville.

Highlands Ava Schmitt serves the ball to the Lady Jackets.

From left are Highlands Brandy Zagal passing a serve with India Clark staying out of Brandy’s way.

Highlands Emma Minton tips the ball over to Hayesville and watches it land in a clear patch of court.

A rare moment for Highlands Setter Ashlynn Wilson where she is forced to spike the ball.

Team spirits were high for the Lady Highlanders as they were getting closer to clinching the win during the season opener against Hayesville on the road.

Sometimes the Lady Highlanders’ spirits were really high.

The ball sat on top of the next for what seemed an eternity, no one knew which way it would drop.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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