Highlands JV volleyball team loses tough game on the road

The Lady Highlanders junior varsity volleyball team faced a slew of games on the road earlier this month, the third match in a week faced them off against Murphy that ended with a final of 2-0 on Aug. 19.

Highlands Caroline Woods said a string of games on the road takes its toll.

“We played really hard,” she said. “This is our third away game that’s at least an hour away, we’re not in our home gym, and Murphy has a really loud fan base. So, it’s a little stressful.”

Highlands Caroline Woods gets ready to return Murphy’s serve playing on the road.

Woods added said they’ll get more practice time in and make improvements.

“We started practice a couple weeks before our first game, so I think for our third game we played pretty good,” she said. “We worked really hard out there, but we need to pick up our spirit.”

Highlands celebrate a hard-fought point against Murphy on the road.

Highlands Abbie Doerter said they need to start talking on the court if they want to start taking home wins.

“We weren’t communicating at all, it was silent out there,” she said. “But we played our hearts out and we’ll get better.”

Highlands Abbie Doerter serves to Murphy.

Deorter added that playing so frequently on the road can be a challenge.

“We’re all pretty tired and we haven’t practiced all week,” she said. “We need to get in the gym before our next game and work on some things and we’ll get better.”

From left are Highlands Mac Woods and Aislynn Luck ready to take position after Murphy’s serve.

Highlands Olivia Cole passes the ball against Murphy.

Highlands Aislynn Luck dives to make a save against Murphy.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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