Highlands Bolivian Mission auction set for Sept. 15

The Highlands Bolivian Mission Auction will be held at Wildcat Cliffs Country Club at 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 15.

This year’s auction features some beautiful jewelry as Dr. John Baumrucker goes to Bolivia several times a year and brings back gemstones that are only found in Bolivia and are mined close to the foster home the Mission began and supports.

These gems are called Bolivianita there, but we call them ametrines. These gems combine amethyst and citrine, purple and yellow and these are the best quality Baumrucker has ever seen. The gems were fashioned into beautiful pendants by Jannie Bean Designs and T. A. Anderson Goldsmiths, both in Highlands.

Ametrine earrings made from gemstones from Bolivia up for auction on Sept. 15 at Wildcat Cliffs Country Club.

These, and other items will be offered in the live auction, including a three-day fishing trip to Chokoloskee Island in Florida to a Bobby Grace putter that includes a fitting and a putting lesson offered by Bobby Grace himself.

There will be a silent auction and those items will be on display at the Highlands United Methodist Church and bids can be made by the public on these items, but these bids can be overridden by the participants on Sept. 15.

All proceeds will support the mission and its projects in Montero, Bolivia. The mission has no paid employees and is a 501C3 charity. All donations are tax deductible.

The cost of the auction is $100 per person and $40 of that is deductible. You can mail a check to the Highlands Bolivian Mission at P. O. Box 1358, Highlands, NC or call Dr. Baumrucker at 828.200.0902 for more information.

The Mission was begun in 1998 and is welcomed by the 150,000 residents of Montero, situated 60km due north of Santa Cruz because of the duration of the mission and the scope of the work there.

Many missions focus on only one aspect, but the Bolivian Mission is multifaceted. There are the water projects in six communities, providing clean water to communities where the infant mortality used to be up to 10%. Now that number is nearly zero.

The mission has built 17 homes for the poor and one church. Thousands of Bibles and wheelchairs have been distributed. Over one million dollars of medical equipment has been donated and in 2003, a foster home for abandoned street boys was opened.

Currently the home has 28 boys and young men who now have an opportunity to become useful citizens of their country, if not important people. The boys learn skills that will help them throughout their lives from working on the farm to making pens that they sell to support their college education.

More information can be obtained from the Farmer’s Market in Highlands on Saturday mornings where Dr. Baumrucker sells Bolivian pens and salsa and jams he makes from garden produce purchased locally and grown in his own garden.

Article and photos courtesy of the Bolivian Mission

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