Highlands varsity soccer team beats Cherokee on the road

Highlands boys varsity soccer team travelled to Cherokee to take on the Braves in the rain last month and after scoring 6 goals in the first half, the Highlanders won with a final of 7-0.

Highlands James Earp picks off a Cherokee pass on the road.

Highlands Coach Caleb Brown said the boys have really begun working together as a team with good communication and effective passing.

Highlands Nate Keener stops and controls a line-drive Cherokee pass.

“We were able to string a number of passes together and communicate effectively,” he said. “We have also worked on set pieces and moving the ball forward in a counterattack.”

Highlands Inman Ahren keeping the pressure on a Cherokee player.

Brown added that Highlands has been working on set pieces and moving the ball forward on a counterattack and he is impressed with their efforts.

Highlands Owen Munoz launches to head the ball.

“Highlands is firing on all cylinders, and we are prepared to play out the rest of our season in good form,” said Brown. “We saw excellent development on our defensive line, great possession from our midfield, and excellent finishing and shooting ability from our strikers.”

Highlands JD Head controls a goalie kick playing in the rain in Cherokee.

Shortly after winning the conference game on the road against Cherokee, Highlands hosted Swain (also a conference team) and lost 3-1.

Highlands Lawson Shuler doesn’t have the time to control the ball and kicks a lobbed pass right back to Swain’s defense.

Brown said the work players have put into improving their game since the beginning of the season is showing on the field.

Highlands James Earp races for a long-Swain pass and then clears the ball out of bounds.

Highlands Danny Lopez acts a split second before Swain fires off a shot on goal and steals the ball before racing downfield.

Highlands hosted Brevard for their season opener and lost 6-1.

Highlands Cooper Hall summons his inner ninja to stop Brevard’s offensive advance.

Highlands Brandon Moss was looking on the bright side after the game and said tough losses like the one against Brevard show them what they need to work on and gives the new players experience playing against a good team.

Highlands Brandon Moss kicks the ball deep downfield.

“We worked hard and played our best,” said Moss. “We have a lot of conditioning to do and work on some other stuff, but we played great as a team. If we work hard, we’ll do good in the end.”

From left are Highlands Finneaus Garner, Brandon Moss, and Cooper Hall forming a wall to block a free kick.

After spending 80-rough minutes in the box against Brevard playing a position that’s new to him, Highlands Goalie Sam Stiwinter said they played hard and they’ll get them next time.

Highlands Goalie Sam Stiwinter kicks the ball well past midfield against Brevard.

“Overall, we did alright,” said Stiwinter. “Personally, I’d say I played decent. Once we get some games in, we’ll learn how everybody plays and we’ll get better.”

Highlands Win Dyleski doesn’t let Brevard get past him to Highlands Goalie Sam Stiwinter in the background.

A 6-1 final can be demoralizing for a goalie, but Stiwinter said these things happen and you move on.

“If they score, you just got to shake it off and focus on blocking the rest,” said Stiwinter.

Highlands Jeffrey Olvera makes his move and B-lines towards Brevard’s goal.

Brown said despite not getting much practice time in before the season began and only having one sub compared to Brevard’s roster of 25, the boys played well.

Highlands JD Head races a Brevard player for the ball at home.

“We have a younger team with some new players who have never played the sport before,” he said. “It is going to shape up to be a good season when we get into our conference play. I am confident that the team will grow together and excel over time.”

Highlands Henry Lopez heads the ball towards Swain’s goal and follows right behind to deliver a shot on goal.

Highlands Finneaus Garner clears the ball out of bounds before a Brevard player can center it.

From left are Highlands Nate Keener and Lawson Shuler who weren’t able to play against Brevard for various reasons and instead manned the new soccer scoreboard.

From left are Hayley Borino, Brandy Zagal, and Riley Connor sitting in the student bleachers. And while only three strong, they made up for it with enthusiasm and pure decibel level.

Highlands Win Dyleski launches for a header against Brevard.

Highlands Inman Ahren cuts past a Brevard player at home.

Highlands Henry Lopez sends the ball deep against Brevard.

Highlands James Earp blocks a shot on goal with a header against Brevard.

Highlands Brandon Moss forces Brevard to slow things down and cut to the outside.

Highlands Goalie Sam Stiwinter jumps to block a Brevard shot on goal.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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