Highlands varsity boys lose Homecoming game against Cherokee

Highlands boys varsity basketball team hosted Cherokee on Dec. 3 but didn’t take the win ending with a final of 56-35.

Highlands next plays on Jan. 14 at home against Swain after the girls game, which begins at 6 p.m.

Highlands Lawson Schuler lays it up for 2 points against Cherokee.

Highlands Kason Mitchell takes the ball coast to coast and drives to the basket.

Highlands Nathan Keener holds his ground going for a rebound against Cherokee.

Highlands James Earp drives along the baseline against Cherokee.

Highlands Mason Taylor dives for the ball against Cherokee.

Highlands JD Head sets up on defense against Cherokee.

Highlands Harrison Gates snags a rebound after a missed Cherokee shot.

Highlands Kaden Mitchell looks for an open man under the hoop.

Highlands Jeffrey Olvera scans his options and calls a play.

Highlands Win Dyleski tips a Cherokee pass.

Highlands Lawson Shuler shoots a short jumper with a Cherokee player in his face.

Highlands Kason Mitchell drives to the basket against Cherokee.

Highlands Mason Taylor keeps the ball moving along the perimeter.

Highlands Kaden Mitchell looks for an opening in Cherokee’s defense.

Highlands Jeffrey Olvera brings the ball down the court against Cherokee.

Highlands High School Cheerleaders keeping spirits up at the Homecoming game.

Huge shoutout to Chris Duffy on the mic, who announces all Highlands varsity basketball games.

Highlands Coach Kaitlin Bishop energetically yells strategy from the sidelines.

Highlands Homecoming Court

Highlands Homecoming Court showing their school spirit at the Pep Rally. From left are Win Dyleski, Brandy Zagal, Mason Taylor, Reese Schmitt, Lawson Shuler, Ava Schmitt, Jeffery Olvera, Hayley Borino, Mason Stoltzfus, Caroline Woods, Ryan Ubertino, Anna Stiehler, Brooke Fogarty, Cooper Hall, Carson Forrester, and Aislynn Luck.

Highlands Homecoming King Jeffrey Olvera and Queen Hayley Borino. Photo by Ava Schmitt, Highlands Yearbook Staff

Freshman representative Aislynn Luck, escorted by Rebecca and Blake Sheffield, and Adam Luck.

Freshman representative Carson Forrester, escorted by Jennifer and Robbie Forrester.

Sophomore representative Brooke Fogarty, escorted by Jennifer Shackley and Luke Fogarty.

Sophomore representative Cooper Hall, escorted by Sarah Rutter and Nathan Keener.

Junior representative Anna Stiehler, escorted by Hilary and Brian Stiehler.

Junior representative Caroline Woods, escorted by Ericka and Ben Woods.

Junior representative Mason Stoltzfus, escorted by Amanda and Michael Stoltzfus.

Junior representative Ryan Ubertino, escorted by Kim and Glenn Ubertino.

Senior representative Hayley Borino, escorted by Jessica and Eugene Borino.

Senior representative Ava Schmitt, escorted by Tori, Axel, and Eric Fielding.

Senior representative Reese Schmitt, escorted by Jenna and Seth Schmitt.

Senior representative Brandy Zagal, escorted by Lupe Damian and Sergio Zagal.

Senior representative Jeffrey Olvera, escorted by Elsa and Gilberto Olvera.

Senior representative Lawson Shuler, escorted by Rebecca and Matt Shuler.

Senior representative Mason Taylor, escorted by Sandy and Todd Taylor.

Senior representative Win Dyleski, escorted by Nancy, Kaki, and Mark Dyleski.

Photos by Brian O’Shea
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