Summit HS boys lose Homecoming game to Eagle Ridge

Summit High School boys basketball team took on Eagle Ridge for their Homecoming game on Dec. 10 but ended up with a loss, 69-48.

Summit Benito Morales scans Eagle Ridge’s defense before driving to the basket.

Summit Frankie Marquina on a fast break against Eagle Ridge.

Summit Alex Ceballos sinks a free throw.

Summit Chance Wilson keeps his eyes forward as he passes the ball around the perimeter.

Summit Ed Marquina snags a rebound at home.

Summit Jonny Perez shoots a free throw supported by Summit Cheerleaders.

Summit Benito Morales calls a play and sets it in motion against Eagle Ridge.

Summit Chance Wilson steals the ball and looks for an open man under the hoop for a quick 2 points.

Summit Alex Ceballos on a fast break against Eagle Ridge.

Summit Cheerleaders keeping up a steady stream of positivity during the Homecoming game.

Summit Frankie Marquina pulls up for s short jump shot.

One of the referees had a pretty wicked dunk after the game.

Homecoming Court

Summit Homecoming Court

Summit School’s first Homecoming King and Queen in history, Benito Morales and Faith Taylor.

Freshman representative Olive Knops, escorted by Natalie and Brad Knops.

Freshman representative Jonathan Perez, escorted by Petra Perez.

Sophomore representative Jazmin Barranco, escorted by Angelica and Sergio Barranco.

Sophomore representative Ed Marquina, escorted by Maria and Edwardo Marquina.

Junior representative Laura Alich, escorted by Aimee and Daniel Alich.

Junior representative Logan Morgan, escorted by Gina Morgan.

Junior representative Paige Russell, escorted by Nicole Russell.

Junior representative Christian Perez, escorted by Freddy Perez.

Senior representative Karina Morales, escorted by Yuliana and Adriana Morales.

Senior representative Noah Becker, escorted by Amy Hopper and Rebecca Becker.

Senior representative Ryan Neil, escorted by Robin and Mason Neil.

Senior representative Collin Martorell, escorted by Knight Martorell.

Senior representative Esmeralda Perez, escorted by Pedro and Jose Perez.

Senior representative Zachery Russell, escorted by Sarah Betty.

Senior representative and Homecoming Queen Faith Taylor, escorted by Heidi and Scott Taylor.

Senior representative and Homecoming King Benito Morales, escorted by Efrain Morales.

Faith Taylor just learned she is Homecoming Queen.

From left are Paige Russell, Collin Martorell, and Laura Alich.

Photos by Brian O’Shea
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