Summit School brings back Living Wax Museum

Summit School’s third grade Living Wax Museum returned to the Summit Center on Feb. 17 and organizers said it was a joy to witness the students’ hard work in person again.

Summit students dressed as famous characters from history at Summit’s Living Wax Museum.

Summit’s Living Wax Museum is when students take part in a multi-step research project by first reading a biography about a famous person. They record important facts from their chosen biography book and other resources such as informational websites.

Summit student Ceci Letson shares facts about Ruth Bader Ginsburg while dressed as the prominent Supreme Court justice at the Summit Living Wax Museum on Feb. 17.

Students then transform their facts into a first-person presentation.

Amelia Earhart

Lastly, students find artifacts or props that represent the facts they have researched to provide visual aids.

George Washington Carver

The project culminates as a living wax museum where students dress as their famous person and read their first-person presentation while using their artifacts as visual aids.

Babe Ruth

Juliette Gordon Lowe

Thomas Jefferson

Helen Keller

Neil Armstrong

Anne Frank

Albert Einstein

Walt Disney

Dolly Parton

Jane Goodall

Betsy Ross

Steve Jobs

Barack Obama

Theodore Roosevelt

Susan B. Anthony

Jackie Robinson

Roald Dahl

Martin Luther King

Clara Barton

George Washington


Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Article and photos courtesy of Summit School

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