Highlands Historical Society’s Prince House is scene of movie shoot

Independent filmmaker Kyler Boudreau shot scenes for his upcoming movie Reckoning in the Highlands Historical Society’s Prince House on March 29.

Independent filmmaker Kyler Boudreau shooting a scene at the Prince House.

Reckoning is a 30-minute sequel to Rose and the Outlaw, which is a 15-minute “short” of Boudreau’s that won both an Honorable Mention for Independent Shorts and the Silver Award for Independent Shorts in Los Angeles in May 2020.

Both movies were and are being shot with the IPhone 11 Pro Max with a Moment Anamorphic Lens and MOVI FreeFly.

Boudreau and his crew were on location at the Prince House for three days last month with locals assisting and acting.

Aniah McKim played Ghost Face and Jelehnah McKim was a production assistant.

Aniah McKim as Ghost Face and Production Assistant Jelehnah McKim helps him with his maskafter a cup of water was thrown in his face.

The Prince House is the oldest remaining house in town and has been maintained and furnished with period-appropriate furnishings by the Historical Society which was perfect for the movie’s interior shots.

Boudreau’s first movie Rose and the Outlaw is about a 5-year-old girl who loses both parents to a heartless outlaw named Ghost Face. She must decide to either stand her ground and face Ghost Face or spend the rest of her life running in fear.

Aniah McKim as Ghostface films a scene where a cup of water is thrown in his face by Sandi Weldon Boudreau.

The three-member cast included Boudreau, his wife Sandi Weldon Boudreau, and their daughter Journey Rose Boudreau.

The 30-minute sequel Reckoning, parts of which were shot in the Prince House, shows that “evil doesn’t go down with a single bullet.”

It’s about courage and the human struggle against problems that don’t just go away because they are defeated once.

Reckoning tells the story of the same Rose Lawson, and her fight against the most dreaded outlaw in the Appalachians.

Kyler Boudreau chats with his wife Sandi Weldon Boudreau between shooting scenes at the Prince House.

Reckoning is set in the historic town of Little Cataloochee, N.C.

Little and Big Cataloochee were separated by a mountain ridge, but tied together through strong family bonds. Colonel Robert Love was the original owner of the land in the early 1800s.

By 1850, many people called Cataloochee home. Today, the towns of Little Cataloochee and Big Cataloochee no longer exist but are part of the national forest.

Kyler Boudreau frames up a scene at the Prince House.

However, old buildings still stand, which along with the Prince House, were incorporated into the film.

To learn more about both films, click HERE.

By Kim Lewicki, Highlands Newspaper
Photos by Brian O’Shea, Plateau Daily News

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