Highlands Hurricanes finish 2nd at Mountain Swim League Conference Meet

On July 16, the Highlands Hurricanes Swim Team traveled to Franklin for the MSL (Mountain Swim League) Conference Meet.

The Hurricanes finished 2nd (479 pts) to FAST (Franklin Amateur Swim Team) (1,037 pts) and ahead of JCST (Jackson County Swim Team) (131 pts), CCAC (Cherokee County Aquatics Club) (131 pts) and SMAC (Smoky Mountain Aquatics Club) (123 pts).

All photos from last home meet at Highlands Pool on July 7. Pictured at the top of the article is Highlands Ian Kittrell crushing the butterfly.

Highlands Hurricanes Powell brothers going over some last minute strategizing.

FAST had 123 swimmers and Highlands only 34. The Hurricanes outscored FAST 14 pts per swimmer vs. 8 pts per swimmer. Of the 62 individual gold medals awarded the Hurricanes earned 21 and the 4 times larger FAST team won 24.

Highlands Penelope Mcrea checks out her time after the race.

Jr. Olympians Aniah McKim, Lilliana Jandera-Chambless, Justin Powell, Jack Sumner, Jasmin Abranyi and brothers Blake and Chase Kenter led the Hurricanes w 31.5, 28, 28, 26, 24, 24, and 24 pts each.

Highlands Aniah McKim racing freestyle.

Bella Batista and Corina Dearth scored 23 pts. Elizabeth Burnette scored 22, while Paolo McRae brought home 20.5.

Front to back are Jack Sumner, Chase Kenter, and Connor Hughs.

Connor Hughes scored 20, Ian Kittrell, 18; Alex Lopez 16; Penelope McRae 15.5; Mason Johnson 13; Nikita Denisoff 12; Emilina Hernandez 10.5; Chris Burnette and Alex Petric 10; Finneaus Garner, Ian Batista and Max Jestin all 9; Jelehna McKim 8; Asa Garner 7; Emma Denisoff, Walker Kittrell and William Burnette 6; Jayce Powell 5; Mamie Phfol, Valerie Nadzorau, and Katherine Wise 4 and Elizabeth Dodge 3.

Highlands Blake Kenter exhibiting nerves of steel and appears unshaken before the race.

Highlands Hurricanes Swim Team win last home meet of the summer season

Highlands Corena Dearth rocking the backstroke.

On July 7, the Highlands Hurricanes hosted the Cherokee County Aquatics Club (CCAC) and the Smoky Mountain Aquatics Club (SMAC) from Murphy and Waynesville respectively.

Highlands Margaret Cole keeps her cool before a race.

The Hurricanes won 585-206-130.

Highlands Bella Batista competing in the breast stroke.

Outstanding performances included Aniah McKim breaking the pool record in the 100 freestyle, and Jack Sumner breaking the pool record in the 100 backstroke.

Highlands Paolo Mcrea checks out his time after the race.

Also scoring for the Hurricanes were Finneaus Garner 28 pts; Corena Dearth and Aniah McKim 25; Jack Sumner and Bella Batista 24; Jasmine Abranyi, Emilina Hernandez and Emma Denisoff 23; Chase Kenter and Alex Lopez 22; Margaret Cole and Mamie Pfohl 21; Conner Hughes and Ian Kittrell 20; Penelope McRae and Nikita Denisoff 19; Elizabeth Burnette and Jayce Powell 17; Alex Petric-Sakonjic 16; Paolo McRae, Blake Kenter and Justin Powell 15; Max Justin and Asa Garner 14; Lilliana Jandera-Chambless and Ian Batista 13; Chris Burnette, Elizabeth Dodge and Katherine Wise 12; Sadie Bysura 10; Mason Johnson 8; Valerie Nadzorau 7; Jelehna McKim 6; Annabelle Searles 5;William Burnette 4; and Shaedon Urena 1.

Highlands Mamie Pfol races freestyle.

The Highlands Hurricanes Swim Team is a Highlands Recreation Park Team that practices at the Highlands Recreation Park Pool in the evenings.

Totally awesome Highlands time keepers helping to make meets run smoothly, and basically possible.

The only requirement to join the team is that a prospective swimmer must be able to swim 25 yards (one length of the Recreation Park Pool) unassisted. For further information please call Head Coach Steve Hott at 828.421.4121.

Highlands Elizabeth Burnett races freestyle.

Highlands Max Jestin about to finish the final lap in a freestyle race.

Highlands Justin Powell stays focused while racing freestyle.

Highlands Corena Dearth, Emelina Hernandez and Penelope Mcrea competing in the backstroke.

Highlands Elizabeth Dodge rocks freestyle at the last home meet of the season.

Highlands Margaret Cole rocks a freestyle race.

Highlands Penelope Mcrea competes in the backstroke.

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