Local author pens latest book along the StoryWalk at the Village Green

The Village Green and Vision Cashiers recently announced the installation of a new book on the StoryWalk along the Cashiers Ramble in the Village Green. The book, About Amphibians: A Guide for Children, was written by local author, Cathryn Sill.

Sill resides in Cashiers and is a graduate of Western Carolina University.

She was an elementary school teacher for thirty years and keenly understands content that will engage a child.

About Amphibians: A Guide for Children, is yet another offering from Sill’s popular “About…” series, covering topics such as Fish, Mammals, Birds, and Animal Habitats.

These books serve as a beginners guide to many topics in the science curriculum and offer enriching content to enhance the classroom experience. Each offering is bi-lingual, with the Spanish text written below the English.

In this book, children will learn about what makes an animal an amphibian, what they eat, how they look and types that are found in our area. The book is a child-friendly guide to toads, salamanders, newts and their habitat.

Each page offers realistic paintings created by John Sill, a well-regarded wildlife illustrator.  And as with all StoryWalk books, fun activities are included that anyone, any age can enjoy.

The first page can be found near the Village Play, with subsequent pages following the Ramble path to the Post Office parking area. The book will be posted until Mid-October, at which time a new book, Day of the Dead by Bob Barner, will go up.

The book has been generously sponsored by an anonymous community member in honor of the Blue Ridge Elementary School.

The StoryWalk was made possible through a collaboration between Vision Cashiers, The Village Green, The Albert Carlton-Cashiers Library, and The Literary Council of Cashiers.

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