Summit MS soccer takes down Highlands

Summit Middle School soccer team traveled to up the mountain on Aug. 29 to take on Highlands and were not phased by playing on the road winning solidly 8-1.

Summit Richie Ochoa and Highlands Blain Dendy vie for position in front of Highlands’ goal.

Highlands Michael Munoz races down the sidelines towards Summit’s goal.

Briggs Pusch drills a shot against Highlands.

Highlands Tucker Wilson brings the ball up the midfield under pressure from Summit.

Summit Manny Colex centers the ball dropping it right in front of Highlands’ goal.

Highlands Goalie Chase Kenter spent much of the game under fire from Summit’s offense.

Summit Elier Flores traps a pass and scopes out his route to the goal before taking off.

Summit South Crawford keeps the pressure on Highlands Michael Munoz.

Summit Ranier Finley sets up for a corner kick in Highlands.

Summit Blake Snoey helps up Highlands Walker Kittrell after a high-speed midair collision sent Kittrell into a heavy spin before landing flat on the ground.

Highlands Stephen Pierson makes a B-line for Summit’s goal.

Highlands Felix Reyes races down the sidelines with Summit Ranier Finley hanging right there with him.

Summit Frankie Marquina looks to cross the ball before Highlands Francisco Gooch and Michael Munoz can clear it.

Highlands Josh Doerter is looking to cross the ball while Summit Richie Ochoa is determined to clear it.

Highlands Goalie Chase Kenter kicks the ball deep into midfield.

Summit South Crawford shadows Highlands Michael Munoz looking to make a stop.

Photos by Brian O’Shea
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