Golf Ball Drop to benefit The Literacy & Learning Center on Nov. 12

The Literacy & Learning Center will be hosting a Golf Ball Drop fundraiser that will take place on Nov. 12 at Kelsey & Hutchinson Park in Highlands, where one lucky winner, whose ball lands closest to the target will receive $5,000!

Festivities will begin at the park with live music, drinks, food, and fun games that the whole family can enjoy! At the end of the evening, the golf balls will be dropped from a Highlands Fire Department truck ladder, and the ball closest to the target will win the grand prize!

Balls are available for purchase at $10 each and there is no limit to the number of balls one individual can purchase in order to increase their odds. Additionally, you do not have to be present to win. A live stream will be available for you to watch the drop from home!

Through fundraisers like this, grants, and donations from the community, The Literacy & Learning Center is able to provide free educational programs to individuals of all ages.

The mission of The Literacy & Learning Center is to enrich lives and expand the knowledge of children, adults, and families through diverse educational programs that advance literacy in its many forms and promote lifelong learning, which results in an informed and empowered community.

If you have already purchased balls at $50, you now have 5x as many chances to win $5,000! So, if you bought 2 balls, now you have 10! Call (828) 526 – 0863 or email for more information.

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