Downtown Highlands packed for Halloween on Main

Hundreds of trick or treaters lined Main Street for the annual Halloween on Main in downtown Highlands on Oct. 31.

Main Street is packed at the very beginning of the evening at Halloween on Main in Highlands.

Each year, trick or treaters make their way down Main St. stopping at participating businesses collecting candy. Chamber Executive Director Kay McHan said this wouldn’t be possible without the business community’s participation.

Duncan Greenlee dressed as a hot dog while serving up free hot dogs courtesy of Highlands Mountaintop Rotary Club.

“We couldn’t host Halloween on Main without our partner businesses, and we always understand when a shop or restaurant can’t accommodate the crowd of trick or treaters, for whatever reason,” said McHan. “So many merchants go above and beyond to show our residents and visitors a good time, and we’re grateful.”

Town Square in Highlands on Oct. 31.

Rain throughout the day raised some concerns, but as the sun went down the skies cleared up.

“October 31st happens regardless of the weather,” said McHan. “But we always closely monitor weather conditions before any of our hosted events, for the safety and comfort of all. This time, we lucked out the rain cleared.”

Local businesses and volunteers handed out candy throughout the night along Main Street. From left are a bear, some kind of princess maybe, and a pirate.

McHan added that the event is not only possible through the participation of local businesses, but through community partnerships as well, including the following:

Fidelia Eckerd Center

Highlands Fire and Rescue

Highlands Police Department

Highlands Rotary Club

Highlands School Booster Club

Highlands School Interact Club

Highlands School PTO

Mike Murphy

MountainTop Rotary Club

Musicians from High Five & Southern Highland Band

The Literacy & Learning Center

From left are Mad Hatter Anna Norton and Queen of Hearts Bonnie Potts from The Literacy & Learning Center handing out books at Halloween on Main.

Trick or treaters lined Main Street on Oct. 31. From left are a Clemson football player, referee, sundae, sumo wrestler, cheerleader, and Egyptian princess.

A Scooby Doo family. Velma was not down with the photo op.

From left are a superhero of sorts, a swashbuckler, and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

From left are a Hogwarts student, Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, and another wizard student from the Harry Potter universe.

Not really sure what’s going on here, but’s its official, don’t mess with their tu-tus.

From left are a referee, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Hulk Hogan.

From left are a mummy, another scary Egyptian tomb-type creature, and Thor on a bender.

Forrest Gump and Captain Dan.

Two super spooky zombie-looking creatures.

There’s a whole lot going on here but the vibe is clear.

From left are a bear, cow, and bear.

From left are Harley Quinn, Batman, the Joker, and Cat Woman.

Family of dragons.

A group of wizards.

From left are Winnie the Pooh, two party-poopers, a ghost, and Marilyn Monroe.

Just two Jedi out trick or treating through town, totally awesome.

From left are Wonder Woman, another Wonder Woman, and a candy cane.

A Mortal Kombat ninja and Death.

From left is a dude rocking a pumpkin suit and a Ouija Board.

A couple of witches with a witchy dog.

Can’t go wrong with an alien carrying a kid.

A super classy Victorian-era lady.

From left are a bee and a headless zombie.

A headless zombie dancing to the sweet jams of High Five and Southern Highland Band.

From left are Harry Potter, McGonagall, and Hermione.

From left are a ghost, a woodland princess, and Alladin-style princess, a warrior, and a party pooper.

A cowgirl, a cowboy, and cowdog…

Pokémon coming at you.

Dancing nuns and bears jamming to DJ Michael Murphy.

A pretty serious Jedi.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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