Sapphire Outhouse Race has record-breaking year

Hundreds of eager spectators lined the slopes for the 16th annual Great Sapphire Outhouse Race at the Sapphire Valley Resort on Feb. 18.

Pictured below is a glimpse of the 16th annual Great Sapphire Outhouse Race: 

This year had a record setting 24 racers who competed for eternal glory and bragging rights hoping to get their outhouse across the finish line first in a series of high-stakes elimination heats.

Steve Martell, Director of Amenities at Sapphire Valley Resort said they usually have about 18 racing teams participating, so this was a big year.

Poop Deck – Capt. James T. Stammer & Crew

Winners include:

1st Place: Tinkle Tinkle Lil Tavern, Sponsor and Builder-Slopeside Tavern

2nd Place: K-9 Urination Station, Sponsor-Woofgang Bakery

Peoples Choice Award: Potty Patrol Squat Car, Sponsor and Builder-Landmark Realty Group and Vacation Rentals

Potty Patrol Squat Car, Sponsor and Builder-Landmark Realty Group and Vacation Rentals

Most Creative: The Wizzer of Oz, Sponsor and Builder-The Bright Mountain Community (Pictured at the top of the article)

Best Construction:  Highlander Dump House, Sponsor and Builder-Highlander Roofing Services

Most Humorous:  Spicy Tuna Roll, Sponsor and Builder-I Know a Guy Renovation & Removals, Lincolnton Professional Firefighters Assoc., and

Spicy Tuna Roll – I Know a Guy Renovations & Removals, Lincolnton Professional Firefighter Assoc., and

The rules to build race-eligible outhouses are simple. It can’t be made using anything metal, it must be 5-feet tall, 6-square feet at the base, push bar mounted on the back, contain a toilet paper roll, and have a hole for the pilot to sit.

Hundreds of spectators hung out near the finish line at the bottom of the hill.

When the Outhouse Race first began 16 years ago, it was scheduled for the last Saturday in February and would only attract about a hundred spectators, said Steve Martell, Director of Amenities at Sapphire Valley Resort. After a couple of years, the event was moved to the Saturday over President’s Day weekend, and it just got bigger and bigger.

Barbie Disco Potty – Savannah Peeps

“For the first couple of years we only had about a hundred spectators,” said Martell. “Then we moved it to President’s Day weekend and it continues to grow every year.”

Each year the Outhouse Race raises money for a local charity, and this year Rotary Club of Cashiers was selected as the recipient.

Rotary Club of Cashiers members were at the race selling hotdogs to help raise money.

The Scrap Crapper – Conrad’s Electrical Service

Flower Potty – Youth Southside Methodist

The Jackson Taylor Band provided tunes throughout the afternoon at Sapphire Valley Resort.

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