Lady Highlanders win against Murphy at home

By Mason Stoltzfus and Brian O’Shea, Plateau Daily News

Highlands girls varsity soccer team hosted Murphy on April 18 and scored a solid victory ending with a final of 6-2.

Highlands Addie Westendorf takes a shot on goal against Murphy at home on April 18.

“We had a lot of good passing, and we followed through on our shots,” said Highlands Coach Caleb Brown. “We kept the pressure on and we did a good job of keeping them on their half of the field.”

Highlands forward Caitlin Tingen injured her leg late in the first half and was taken to the hospital for x-rays. Brown said there was a mark on her leg and she didn’t put any weight on it before going to the hospital, but he’s optimistic.

Highlands Caitlin Tingen kept the pressure on Murphy’s goal up until injuring her leg.

“It didn’t look like anything was fractured, but there was a big mark on her shin, you could tell she got kicked hard,” he said. “But she’s a tough kid, she’s a trooper, so we’ll wait and see.”

Highlands loses close game to Pisgah Falls

The following day on April 19, Highlands took on Pisgah Falls on the road and lost 2-1.

Highlands Goalie Olivia Cole kicks it deep into midfield against Pisgah at home on April 19.

Highlands currently has a 6-3 record and Brown said he’s pleased with how the season is going.

“I think it’s going great,” said Brown. “In all of our losses we stayed competitive, losing by only one or two goals. I definitely think we’ll make the playoffs and we have a good shot at winning conference, but we have to beat Swain.”

Highlands Gabbi Diaz makes a move along the sideline and b-lines to Pisgah’s goal. Also pictured at the top of the article.

Highlands faced off against Swain earlier this season and lost 2-1. They play Swain again on April 27, followed by taking on Blue Ridge Early College on May 1. Both games are critical to winning conference championship.

Highlands takes on Hayesville at home tonight at 6:15 p.m.

Highlands Cayden Pierson sends the ball downfield against Pisgah falls at home.

Lady Highlanders sweep Cherokee

Highlands girls varsity soccer team hosted Cherokee on March 27 and earned a solid victory ending with a final of 3-0.

They are not holding hands, Highlands Catelyn Couch is attacking the ball against Murphy.

Highlands Aislynn Wyatt Luck scored two goals, one of which was a header off the post after a long shot on goal by Highlands Addie Westendorf.

Highlands Nicole Taylor takes a shot on goal against Murphy at home.

Highlands Gabby Diaz scored the third goal in the second half.

Highlands Coach Caleb Brown said the girls played well.

“We defended especially well limiting Cherokee to just a few shots throughout the game,” said Brown. Our attacking play was good, and we did excellent job working the ball wide and playing the ball to center from crosses.”

Highlands AE woods maintains possession against Murphy.

He added that the Lady Highlanders consistently took shots on Cherokee’s goal and never stopped playing aggressively.

“We had many other opportunities to score,” said Brown. “We hit the post 3 times and could have had some more goals if the wind would have blown our way.”

Highlands Claire Worley stops a Murphy fast break and sends it back to Highlands’ offense.

The win comes after defeating Franklin on the road 2-1 on March 16, losing to Swain 2-1 on March 20, and losing to Pisgah 3-1 on March 24.

Highlands Heidi Doerter races a Murphy player for the ball at home.

Season Opener versus Rabun Gap

Highlands Olivia Cole grabs a loose ball in front of the goal.

The Lady Highlanders kicked off their season on the road on March 8 and lost a tough game to Rabun Gap Nacoochee with a final of 2-1.

Highlands Gabby Diaz scored midway through the first half, but the Lady Eagles responded by scoring two goals of their own that remained unanswered.

Highlands Gabby Diaz moves to intercept a Rabun Gap pass.

Highlands Tate Wilson stays with a teammate’s passing before controlling the ball.

Highlands Abby Doerter doesn’t give up position and maintains possession against Rabun Gap.

Highlands Aislynn Luck hits top speed to keep a ball in bounds against Rabun Gap.

Highlands Cayden Pierson moves to pick off a Rabun Gap pass.

Highlands Getsi Hernandez passes up the sidelines against Murphy.

Highlands Mac Woods clears a Murphy drive at home.

Highlands Caitlin Tingen helped off the field after injuring her leg against Murphy.

Highlands Nicole Taylor under pressure from Rabun Gap’s defense up near the goal.

Highlands Caroline Woods quickly adjusts to a tipped Rabun Gap pass.

Highlands Claire Worley heads the ball up to the Lady Highlanders’ offense against Rabun Gap.

Highlands Addie Westendorf beats a Rabun Gap player to the ball after a goal kick.

Highlands Olivia Corbin clears the ball at home against Murphy.

Highlands Olivia Cole stops a Rabun Gap shot on goal.

Highlands Gabby Diaz tries to steal the ball against Rabun Gap.

Highlands Tate Wilson helps up a Murphy player. Both teams showed class and sportsmanship throughout the game.

Highlands Abby Doerter makes a stop against Murphy.

Highlands Caroline Woods clears the ball against Rabun Gap.

Spirits were high on Highlands bench during a game against Murphy at home.

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