Summit Lady Bears wrap up undefeated season

By Brian O’Shea, Plateau Daily News

Summit girls varsity soccer team faced off against Blue Ridge Early College twice last month and walked away victorious both times.

The Lady Bears won on April 12 at home with a final of 3-1, and hit the road the following week and earned a solid victory 8-0.

The Lady Bobcats were missing Goalie Peyton Bryson who was sick on game day.

Summit Captain Sarah Betty is a mainstay of the Lady Bears defensive line, but played on offense during the second game against BREC and earned a hat trick.

Summit Sarah Betty scored a hat trick playing on the road against BREC.

“She’s a mainstay on defense and will do anything for the team, but she sure showed out at right forward though,” said Robinson.

This wraps up an undefeated season for the Lady Bears ending with a 5-0 record.

Summit High School girls soccer team. From left are Elizabeth Campbell, Chloe Woods, Lydia Hughes , Emily Morales, Nelly Morales, Kayleigh Bonner, Savannah Dement, Sydney Sinclair, Bailey Robinson, Victoria Clement, Sarah Betty, Chloe Crawford, and Taylor Robinson.

“We are proud of the girls and the hard work they put in this season,” said Robinson. “We are looking forward to continuing to develop our HS soccer program and expanding the schedule next year.”

BREC Mercedes McLaughlin filled in as goalie for an injured Peyton Bryson.

BREC Destiny McConnel drives down the line at home against Summit.

Summit Taylor Robinson scopes out her target before sending a corner kick against BREC.

From left are BREC Kaitlyn Rodriguez and Hope Ward celebrating after Rodriguez scored the Lady Bobcats only goal against Summit on the road.

Summit Victoria Clement zigs and zags under pressure from BREC Vanessa Russell.

BREC Jenny Mendoza controls a pass against Summit.

Summit Adelaide Crawford moves with a pass at home against BREC.

BREC Goalie Peyton Bryson gets in front of a shot and makes the stop.

Summit Chloe Crawford clears the ball against BREC at home.

BREC Paige McCall starts dodging and weaving as Summit Kayleigh Bonner brings on some pressure.

Summit Sarah Betty on a fast break at home against BREC.

BREC Mercedes McLaughlin cruises down the sidelines against Summit on the road.

Summit Taylor Robinson injures her leg against BREC and is helped off the field by Sergio Barranco and father and Summit Coach Jeremy Robinson.

BREC Vanessa Russell hugs the sideline making her way to Summit’s goal at home.

Summit Goalie Savanah Dement gets ready to stop a close penalty kick.

Summit Lydia Hughes making a break for BREC’s goal on the road. Also pictured at the top of the article.

BREC Izzy Moody stops a Summit attack and sends the ball up to the Lady Bobcat offense.

Summit Bailey Robinson rips a shot on BREC’s goal.

Summit students from left are Olivia Knopps, Kiera Mathis, and Blue Ridge Early College student Journi Jaynes. Summit Coach Jeremy Robinson said Knopps and Mathis work the gate, and help out with scorebooks and scoreboard every chance they get.

BREC Jessica Mace positions herself to clear the ball against BREC.

Summit Victoria Clement takes a shot on BREC’s goal.

Summit Savanah Dement launches to stop a BREC shot on goal.

A mad scramble for the ball near BREC’s goal.

Summit Kayleigh Bonner celebrates after scoring against BREC at home.

BREC Jazmin Ramos makes a stop at home against Summit.

Summit Sydney Sinclair sends the ball back up to the Lady Bear offense.

BREC Izzy Moody stops a deep goal kick from Summit at home.

Summit Nelly Morales centers the ball in front of BREC’s goal.

BREC Vanessa Russell and Bailey Robinson works for control of the ball.

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