Highlands Chamber expands electric vehicle charger availability

Five new units installed around the Town of Highlands

Understanding the growing demand for Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure, the Highlands Chamber of Commerce/Visit Highlands, NC recently expanded the availability of EV car chargers in town.

After extensive research and discussions with local businesses already offering charging stations, the Highlands Chamber of Commerce/Visit Highlands, NC partnered with EnviroSpark, an award-winning company specializing in EV charging solutions. To fund this project, the Chamber applied for a grant from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ). The grant supported the installation of five “Level 2 Public Access” networked chargers, which the Highlands Chamber of Commerce will own and, through a partnership with the Town of Highlands, will place on their property.

Prior to this expansion, the plateau only had one public-use charger, with a few additional stations located at private clubs and hotels. The introduction of the new chargers aims to significantly enhance accessibility and convenience for EV drivers who travel to or live or work in our town.

The chargers were strategically installed throughout town to avoid highly utilized parking spaces. Locations include two on Oak Street, two on Third Street, and one at the Highlands Chamber of Commerce/Visit Highlands, NC Welcome Center at 108 Main Street. The Chamber decided to implement charging fees, making it economically viable to maintain the stations. The fee is $2.75 per hour for the first four hours.

The Highlands Chamber of Commerce/Visit Highlands, NC remains committed to destination stewardship and has always strived to strike a balance between progress and preservation. With our investment in EV infrastructure, the Chamber aims to not only enhance the town’s appeal but also provide a greener and more sustainable future for residents and visitors alike.

For more information on the EV Chargers or the Highlands Chamber of Commerce/Visit Highlands, NC click HERE or call the Welcome Center at 828-526-2112.

Pictured at the top of the article is one of the EV stations on Oak Street.

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