Town of Highlands declares Stage I Voluntary Water Reductions

Due to the prolonged drought conditions and the lack of measurable rainfall in the extended forecast, effective Nov. 3, the Town of Highlands has declared a Stage I Voluntary Water Reduction.

According to the Town of Highlands Water Shortage Response Plan (WSRP), Stage I is triggered when Big Creek drops below 2100 gpm flowing over the weir.

In Stage I Voluntary Reductions, all water users will be asked to reduce their normal water use by 5%.

Customer education and outreach programs will encourage water conservation and efficiency measures including: irrigating landscapes a maximum of one inch per week; preventing water waste, runoff and watering impervious surfaces; watering plants deeply to encourage root growth; washing only full loads in clothes and dishwashers; using spring-loaded nozzles on garden hoses; and identifying and repairing all water leaks.

When a Stage I water shortage condition is declared, the following guidelines shall apply:

These conservation measures will be encouraged and recommended.

  1. Do not leave faucets running while shaving or rinsing dishes
  2. Limit lawn and garden watering
  3. Refrain from filling swimming or wading pools

Any future updates to the conditions of the water reduction declaration will be provided

to the media and posted on the Town’s website HERE.

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