Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park gets some new light poles

Park-goers will have their journey more illuminated at night when strolling through Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park with the addition of three new light poles. Two of the poles are on Pine Street in front of Entegra Bank, and the third is by the new Christmas tree in the corner of the park.

This is the first time the pole next to the Christmas tree is set on a switch so it can be turned off during the holiday season.

founders (3)

The new light pole at Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park next to the Christmas tree in the corner of the park.

“We took the old pole down next to the Christmas tree because it just looked ugly,” said Town Manager Josh Ward. “And the other two poles will really help brighten up the baked goods area during the tree lighting.”

Town of Highlands Mayor Pat Taylor said the town had to make some minor amendments to the budget to make it happen but it was approved. Next on the list are the addition of some trees and some sockets for bollards on Pine Street. Bollards are the short, sturdy vertical posts that block traffic when raised. Ward said there will be nine holes built in sets of three so they can block off the street at three varying lengths depending on the event.

founders (2)

The two new light poles on Pine Street in front of Entegra Bank in Highlands, N.C.

“They’ll be decorative and much more pleasing than the sawhorses we use now,” said Ward.

He added that the Friends of Founders Park will put in a new sign near the new Christmas tree.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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