Town packs Founders Park for Highlands Christmas Tree Lighting

Hundreds of family and friends, a visit from Santa, ice-skaters circling the rink, carolers, and cookies and hot chocolate all topped off with the park being lined with trees covered in Christmas lights. That is a basic summary of the scene at Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park on Saturday at the Highlands Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.

The sleight chill in the air didn’t stop people from showing up donning elf ears or the occasional Santa or Turkey hat, for a big dose of small-town Americana, annual tradition, and good cheer.

Highlands.Christmas.Tree.Lighting (44)

After the trees were turned on people stayed around and socialized, but some could not take their eyes off the display of Christmas illumination.

Highlands.Christmas.Tree.Lighting (36)

Children were asked to the front near the stage and were told Santa Clause is on his way.

Highlands.Christmas.Tree.Lighting (33)

Carolers sang to a packed park joined by the voices of the crowd.

Highlands.Christmas.Tree.Lighting (38)

It’s difficult to hold back the excitement when Santa Clause steps on the scene.

Highlands.Christmas.Tree.Lighting (21)

Families could take a break from ice skating and swing by to say hello to Santa Clause at Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park.

Highlands.Christmas.Tree.Lighting (5)

The new Highlands Christmas Tree located in the corner of Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park.

Highlands.Christmas.Tree.Lighting (15)

Some people in the crowd were a little anxious for the show to begin.

Highlands.Christmas.Tree.Lighting (24)

Sipping on hot chocolate listening to carolers sing Christmas songs

Highlands.Christmas.Tree.Lighting (39)

After the tree-lighting ceremony, people made their way over to the rink to hit the ice…literally. Editor’s Note: In the young man who’s smiling’s defense, after mocking his friend’s misfortune on the ice, he helped him up.


Highlands.Christmas.Tree.Lighting (19)

Hundreds gathered on Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park on Saturday for Highlands Christmas Tree Lighting.

Photos by Brian O’Shea
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