Highlands varsity boys basketball team takes a loss at Homecoming game

Highlands trailed Franklin at the Homecoming game on Friday and ended up with a check in the “L” column with a final score of 63-38.

Their next game is at home tonight at 8 p.m. against Rosman.

Highlands.Franklin.basketball.V (11)

From left Highlands Drew Chalker and Mattson Gates shutting down any options for passing at the Homecoming game against Franklin on Friday.

Highlands.Franklin.basketball.V (23)

This had the potential for being an excellent tomahawk stuff by Highlands Hunter Collins if his hand didn’t get caught in the net. The Franklin player made the reverse-lay up.

Highlands.Franklin.basketball.V (21)

Highlands Mattson Gates has to push his way into the paint against Franklin.

Highlands.Franklin.basketball.V (22)

Highlands Dillon Schmitt says “Sorry, this road is closed,” with his defense.

Highlands.Franklin.basketball.V (20)

Surrounded by Franklin players, Highlands Destin Gearhart dishes the ball off on Friday at the Homecoming game.

Highlands.Franklin.basketball.V (5)

Highlands Taj Roman reads his opponents eyes while defending him.

Photos by Brian O’Shea
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