Scenes from Highlands 2018 Homecoming Dance

Highlands School held 2018’s Homecoming Dance on Saturday in Coleman Hall at the First Presbyterian Church in Highlands. A DJ kept a constant stream of tunes flowing and the dance floor was consistently packed.

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Jake Billingsley and Abby Olvera share a dance after being named Highlands Homecoming King and Queen in 2018.

Highlands seniors Jake Billingsley and Abby Olvera were voted Homecoming King and Queen. After the two shared a dance, the rest of the court joined them on the dance floor.

When the dance was over, teachers, students and volunteers helped clean up the venue for church the next morning.

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What you don’t see in this photo is that the gentleman in the middle who is playing the air guitar was doing an incredible Robot moments before this was taken.

Homecoming.Dance.Highlands (61)

Sometimes it’s just time to dance.

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Highlands School Vice Principal Sarah Holbrooks carries the King and Queen’s crown before they are announced.

Homecoming.Dance.Highlands (36)

Abby Olvera learns she is Highlands Homecoming Queen.

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Teachers and students, including Jake Billingsley (pictured above left) and Dillon Schmitt,  help clean up the dance hall after it ended.

Photos by Brian O’Shea
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