Highlands Police Reports 12-28

Dec. 15

  • HPD responded to a report of communicating threats at 4:40 a.m. on the 600 block of Dillard Road.
  • HPD responded to a two-vehicle accident at 2:40 p.m. The first vehicle was parked in front of the First Presbyterian Church. The second vehicle was parked in the center of Main Street behind the first vehicle. Both drivers backed up at the same time and they hit each other.

Dec. 17

  • HPD responded to a report of larceny at noon on the 1200 block of Bowery Road. The victims reported a University of Georgia statue was taken from the yard.

Dec. 21

  • HPD responded to a hit-and-run at 4:20 p.m. on Highway 64. The first driver drove to the HPD to report the accident. She said was travelling northwest on US 64 and she stopped in the turn lane at the traffic light. She said the hit and run vehicle hit her on the left rear corner of her vehicle and continued southwest on NC 106.

Dec. 24

  • HPD responded to a report of a pregnant pedestrian being struck by a vehicle. Upon arriving on scene, the responding officer observed a Dodge Ram pickup up on the sidewalk facing South East and then observed a female subject sitting on the side walk with two men talking to her as she was vomiting. Upon speaking with the subjects, the pedestrians said they had been crossing the street in the crosswalk and were about halfway across when they were hit by the Dodge Ram pickup truck. The male pedestrian said he and his wife were hit and both knocked to the ground. He was concerned about his wife because she had hit her head and was dizzy and had just thrown up. He also advised that she was pregnant. When speaking to his wife, she confirmed that she was pregnant and that she was very dizzy. I could observe two scrapes above her right eye and a scrape below her nose. I advised dispatch to relay information to EMS. Subjects were transported to Harris Regional Hospital due to her pregnancy. Upon speaking with driver, he said that he was turning left onto South Drive and as he made the turn he was blinded by the sun and could not see anyone in the roadway. The driver was cited for failure to yield to pedestrian.

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