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Plateau Daily News went live in May 2018. Over the next 10-month-period readership has grown exponentially and ads are now available for purchase.

Plateau Daily News Readership Growth:

April – August 2018: 5,600 total views (5 months)

September – January 2018-19: 75,000 total views (5 months)


Best overall day – 5,300 views

Best overall week – 9,800 views

Best overall month – 24,300 views


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Readership of Plateau Daily News is primarily concentrated in Macon and Jackson Counties, N.C.; Atlanta, Ga.; and Florida.

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Thank you Brian O’Shea!! We truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication to covering our teams! It’s so nice to finally see them getting recognition from a local news outlet! Ingra Walters 

Thank you, Brian O’Shea with Plateau Daily News for offering THE BEST coverage of our games EVER!!! 💙🏀💛🏀💙 Carla Sanders Gates

Brian O’Shea you have a gallery of sports photos. They all tell a story. Thanks. Parents and kids loving them. Stephanie McCall

Yes, you are truly AWESOME. Thank you so much for capturing all the BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES, MOMENTS FOR US. GOD BLESS YOU WITH YOUR GIFT, ALWAYS. Heidi Dittrich Taylor

Always, always great coverage and phenomenal photos! Thank you, Brian O’Shea! Debbie Head Holt 

Thanks for covering the blood drive, Plateau Daily News. Great job, Summit students! Summit Charter School

Thank you for the Plateau Daily News. We love it! Lila Howland

Thank you for your great pictures and coverage throughout the season. Gina Dahl Billingsley

Thank you, Brian, for this very nice article. Barbara Metzger Thomas

Excellent job Mr O’Shea! Sandy Jennings

Love all the pictures! Eileen Ritchie Carrier

These are some of the best action volleyball photos I have ever seen! Wish you could cover our team at McMichael in Mayodan. Patsy Moorhead Cardwell

Thank you for the article and pictures! And thank you to everyone that came out and supported this fundraiser!! Highlands United Methodist Church

He has a great eye!!! His pictures are beautiful❣️ Terri Kennedy 

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