AHEC secures funding for more iPads at Highlands School

As part of their initiative to strengthen technology materials at Highlands School, the Advance Highlands Education Committee (AHEC) is pleased to announce the full funding and placement of iPads for the entire fifth-grade class at Highlands School. 

The 5th-grade class at Highlands School who will benefit from each student receiving a new iPad through the efforts of AHEC to secure funding.

AHEC’s mission to advance Highlands School education through community involvement is front and center in this exciting development as they were approached by an interested donor, Jim Kneisley, to make sure these tablets were available to the children before the end of the school year.

Kneisley and his partner, Third Grade teacher Cindy Henderson, developed an interest in the iPad initiative when their granddaughter Savannah expressed her eagerness to have them in the classroom like the other elementary grades. He reached out to AHEC board member Derek Taylor and offered to cover half the costs if AHEC could provide the other half. 

“I was raised by middle class parents in public schools,” said Kneisley. “They instilled the virtues of honesty, knowledge, speaking correctly, hard work, and giving back, in me. It has paid off. Our public schools are central in in our communities, whether your own children are there or not. I think part of our reason for living, and to be good citizens in our country, is to pass on our knowledge and give them the access to any and all of the tools available to help them in their journey.”

From left to right: Derek Taylor, Janice Raby, Jim Kneisley, Cindy Henderson, Stephanie McCall and Chris Baldwin. Granddaughter Savannah seated in yellow.

Macon County School Board member Stephanie McCall gave credit to the quick turnaround to Superintendent Chris Baldwin, Technology Director Tim Burrell, and his staff.

“The IT department did a great job getting the iPads in and formatted for the 5th-grade class so the kids could have them in hand and in use as they close out the school year,” said McCall.

Baldwin said the new iPads will be put to great use.

“We are extremely grateful for the donated iPads,” said Baldwin. “Everyone is aware that the proficient utilization of technology is essential to success in our modern educational system and economy. iPads are an important and beneficial educational tool in the hands of a skillful teacher.”

Pictured at the top of the article Members of AHEC with Kneisley, Henderson, Fifth Grade faculty and students.

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