Fallen tree precariously perched on utility pole along Highway 107

Cashiers Glenville Volunteer Fire Department responded to a call of a fallen tree this morning on Highway 107 and Lakeside Circle in Glenville and found traffic was obstructed because of a tree split down the middle supported by a utility pole.

NC DoT crews assessed the scene and determined a bucket truck was needed to remove the tree from the pole.

CGFD Chief Randy Dillard said they were able to remove a limb that was blocking traffic and the rest would have to be removed by another agency.

The tree split down the middle causing one half (right side) to fall on a utility pole.

NC Department of Transportation Crews showed up on site shortly afterwards and said the perched tree was too high for them to reach and would have to be handled by the phone company using a bucket truck.

At approx. 1 p.m. Frontier crews showed up with a bucket truck but were still unable to reach the tree to properly remove it and are contacting a tree service company for assistance.

The fallen tree sits balanced on the top of a utility pole at Lakeside Circle Drive and Highway 107 in Glenville.

Dillard and NC DoT crews said to expect possible delays on Highway 107 this afternoon.

Editor’s Note: That headline is no joke. The tree looks perfectly balanced on the pole and until it’s taken down, drive with caution and keep your eyes peeled for delays.

Article and Photos by Brian O’Shea
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