Inaugural Summit volleyball team wins first home game ever in new gym

Spirits were high and the crowd was psyched as Summit Charter’s inaugural girls volleyball team took on Eagle Ridge at home on Wednesday and won the first-official game ever played in the new gym.

Front row from left are Anne Elizabeth Woods, Sarah Betty, Anna Johnson, Jazmin Barranco, and Sydney Sinclair. Back row from left are Katie Johnson, Keira Matthis, Kaki Dyleski, Catelynn Couch, Christina McDonald, Chloe Crawford, Ashlyn Yaskiewicz, Skylyn Yaskiewicz, and Anna Jolley. Photo courtesy of Summit Charter School.

Coach Jesse Loyd said the Lady Bears did great, even playing against some high-school athletes Eagle Ridge had on the court.

There were highs and lows for Summit’s inaugural girls volleyball team’s first home game of the season on Wednesday.

“The girls worked hard to get that first home game win and for that to be the first home game, in the new gym, with a new volleyball team, we couldn’t have asked for anything better,” said Loyd. “I am beyond proud of how they played on that court and how far we’ve come since the beginning of the season. That home opener game this week was the win that those girls deserved for all of their hard work.”

Summit Ashlyn Yaskiewicz passes against Eagle Ridge on Wednesday at home.

Loyd added that Summit’s volleyball team started out as students playing last year during recess and then interest in forming an official team of their own.

“For a first-year team I think our season is off to a good start,” said Loyd. “We’ve only had three games so far and the girls have improved tremendously with the little bit of time that we have had and it’s even better because they can see their improvement even when things don’t go right on the court.”

Summit Catelynn Couch goes for a short free ball against Eagle Ridge on Wednesday.

Summit Chloe Crawford keeps her cool and makes the pass at home.

Summit Sarah Betty subs in against Eagle Ridge.

“OUT,” said every Summit fan in the gym. Summit Anne Elizabeth Woods spots it a mile away.

Summit Anna Johnson returns a tough serve from Eagle Ridge.

Things are looking good as Summit Christina McDonald (left) and Chloe Crawford switch sides after winning the first set against Eagle Ridge.

Summit Christina McDonald smiles at Kaki Dyleski before the serve.

Summit Anna Jolley returns a free ball on Wednesday against Eagle Ridge.

Article and Photos by Brian O’Shea
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