Empty Bowls Silent Auction features unique ceramic and wood collectibles

Searching for a very special present for a young person who loves pottery?  Why not start them on a lifetime of collecting North Carolina potters with a purchase from Empty Bowls’ upcoming Silent Auction?  You’ll be helping the Highlands Food Pantry at the same time you ignite a love for collecting!

Attendees not only get a bowl of delicious soup from local restaurants, but they can also take home a hand-made ceramic bowl to keep.

This year an anonymous donor has gifted Empty Bowls with 6 collectible pieces that will be sold at the Empty Bowls Lunch at 11:30 a.m.-1.30 p.m. on Sunday, October 6, in Coleman Hall at the First Presbyterian Church in Highlands. Tickets are $25 each and include a delicious lunch of homemade soup from one of our awesome local restaurants, and also a handmade ceramic bowl for you to keep! Read about 2018 Empty Bowls HERE.

Marty Rosenfield (left), Director of the Highlands Food Pantry and Dick Grier (right), President of the International Friendship Center, accept a check for the proceeds of the 2018 Empty Bowls Benefit from Jane Jerry (center) Chair of the 2018 Event. This popular community event raised $17,000 for the Pantry, which is a program of the Friendship Center, and is located at the Highlands United Methodist Church.

The Silent Auction raises additional funds for the Food Pantry and includes hand turned wooden bowls made by the Western North Carolina Wood Turners as well as unique ceramics pieces:  two exquisite pieces made by our own Mayor Patrick Taylor; a selection of gorgeous bowls by Frank Vickery, Director of Ceramics at The Bascom; a whimsical birdhouse by Martha Sutherland; and an vase by The Bascom’s Ceramics Resident Artist, Emily Wernig– in addition to the collection of six NC artists, as follows:


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