Highlands Accelerated Readers celebrate achieving literacy goals

Highlands School students K-5th-grade dined on Cat-in-the-Hat themed ice-cream cones on Friday in celebration of achieving their literacy goals set earlier in the year as part of the Accelerated Readers (AR) program.

Students in AR have their reading levels tested, choose books from the library, take quizzes on their reading, and set goals for improvement.

If students meet their goals and earn 85% on all quizzes, they are rewarded at the end of the 9-week program with an ice cream party, which the students dubbed “Fun Day.”

“This is a supplemental program, in addition to the curriculum,” said Academically Gifted and Reading Teacher Melanie Miller. “It’s a good tool because every kid can participate based on their reading level. It may above or below their grade level, but it helps us work with them one on one and individualize their learning.”

Fun Day landed on the tail end of Read Across America Week, where students dressed up throughout the week based on a variety of literacy themes. Friday’s theme was dress as your favorite book character.

Students at Highlands School dressed as their favorite character from a book on Friday in celebration of Read Across America Week.

Other themes included wear a college shirt or dress as what you want to be when you grow up, crazy socks, animal print, and crazy hair day.

Highlands students dressed up for certain themes throughout Read Across America Week. This isn’t college shirt day, this is favorite character from a book day.

4th-grader Aubrie Potts said AR is a great opportunity to read books and get rewarded with ice cream.

“I like it because you learn new stuff when you read books and you get to choose them so you can read all the fun mysteries you want. Plus, during reading week, you get to do a bunch of crazy stuff with your hair.”

Students in Accelerated Readers were treated to Cat-in-the-Hat ice-cream cones as a reward for meeting their literacy goals.

Kindergartner Alice Corbin feasted on ice cream while donning a flowing-blue dress portraying her favorite book character Belle, from “Beauty and the Beast.”

“It’s fun because you get ice cream for reading books,” said Corbin. “And, everyday we have to wear normal clothing and I don’t like normal clothing. But this week we got to dress up every day, and it’s fun to dress up.”

Highlands AR students psyched about achieving their literacy goals on Friday.

From left are Highlands Teachers Margie Potts and Kristin Huneycutt dressed as Arthur on Friday during Read Across America Week. Submitted photo

Article and Photos by Brian O’Shea
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