Students and faculty rock the stage at Summit’s Got Talent 2020

Summit Charter hosted Summit’s Got Talent on Friday and the students and faculty gave their all on stage.

Students and faculty hit the stage for Summit’s Got Talent 2020 on Friday hosted for the first time in the Summit Center.

This year’s show was held in the Summit Center for the first time and Head of School Kurt Pusch said all the performers did an amazing job.

Athletic Director Jeremy Robinson plays guitar and Caroline Woods sing “Hey Ho” and “Ring of Fire,” and are accompanied with harmony by Art Teacher Gretchen Kapity (Not pictured).

“It was beautiful, what a performance,” he said. “Seeing their creativity and talent up on stage at such a young age is inspiring.”

6th-grader Cameron Ramsey singing ‘Dancing on Your Own,” at Summit’s Got Talent 2020.

6th-grader Cameron Ramsey belted out “Dancing on My Own,” and said things can get tense when hundreds of eyes are focused on you.

“I saw all my friends and teachers watching and I hoped I didn’t screw it up,” she said. “But I’m very happy with the outcome and I’m glad I did it.”

2nd-grader Lorelai Powers dancing to the song “Bad Guy.”

2nd-grader Lorelai Powers busted out some wicked dance moves to “Bad Guy.”

“When I got up there, I thought ‘I got this,’” said Powers. “I practiced a lot and I really like that song. I think I did good and I’m happy with it.”

Charlie (top) and Sam Jernigan performing “Aladdin in 5 Minutes.”

5th-grader Lydia Hughes performed a dance routine with her sister, Evelyn, who is in Kindergarten. Lydia said it’s a wild feeling getting up on stage.

“I was really nervous and excited at the same time,” she said. “But then I just felt like we could do it, and we did.”

From left are Lydia and Evelyn Hughes dancing to “Family.”

Evelyn said it was awesome performing with her sister.

“It helped a lot having her up there,” said Evelyn. “Not all eyes were on me, they were on both of us and I think we did great.”

Vocal solo by La’Donna Dallman singing “Lost Boy.”

7th-grader La-Donna Dallmann soloed the song “Lost Boy,” and said she had some jitters about performing in front of a big audience but the show must go on.

“I was really nervous, and so scared I started shaking,” said Dallmann. “But I did it and I got through it.”

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Alexander Mair playing the cello performing “Greensleeves,” in a duet with Emma Denisoff.

Emma Denisoff playing the piano performing “Greensleeves,” in a duet with Alexander Mair.

Kemper Dean crushes it on stage performing a dance to the song “The Nights.”

Violin Soloist Rainier Finley takes a humble bow after performing “Fiddle Tune: Orange Blossom Special; Minuet in G by Beethoven.”

Art Teacher Gretchen Kapity sings harmony with Caroline Woods (not pictured) performing “Ho Hey” and “Ring of Fire.”

Kindergartner Katherine Wise sings “My Little Pony Theme Song.”

Harrison and Hayden Chick and Shaedon Urena are the “Karate Kids,” a high-energy mix of ninja moves and dance.

Second-grader Max Jestin plays “Omm Pa Pa.”

Amelia Greene becomes “Amelia the Amazing Animal Trainer,” and keeps the crowd rolling with laughter with her comedy act.

Charlie Jernigan and his mother, Tracie perform “Aladdin in 5 Minutes.”

From left are Catelynn Couch and Chloe Crawford who MC’d Summit’s Got Talent. Not pictured is Christina McDonald who also MC’d the show.

Article and Photos by Brian O’Shea
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