Hudson Library fixes curbside flooding issue

The Board Presidents of the Hudson Library and Mountain Findings, Andy Chmar and Glenda Bell, respectively, recently met at the Hudson Library Main Street entrance to recognize a grant from Mountain Findings used to resolve a decades-long, flooding and runoff problem along Main Street.

The hardscape, curb, and parking lot exit concrete apron project work was planned and completed over two days in August by Ryan Bryson, Carlos Vazquez, and their team from Bryson Grading & Paving, along with further support from Canty Worley & Company. 

In the past, even nominal rainfall resulted in the public sidewalk being flooded along the street, producing a safety hazard for passersby, while damaging the adjoining landscaping around the Library’s sign. 

The project involved replacing the entire length of street curbing along with the 18-inch deep concrete exit apron, removing the grass along the road, and releveling this area and the sidewalk’s brick pavers. 

Since the work was accomplished, recent heavy rain events have proven the work to be a success, with the stormwater runoff effectively redirected to the nearby catch basins.

With Mountain Findings’ generous support, and the talent of Bryson Grading and Paving, the Library’s roadside entrance, exit, and circular brick sidewalk now more safely accommodate visitors enjoying the Library and it’s outside landscaping, and others walking along the east end of Main Street.

Pictured at the top of the article from left are Andy Chmar, President, Hudson Library of Highlands, and Glenda Bell, President, Mountain Findings.

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