Mayor on Duty

Next week is the town’s annual white goods pickup. From Monday, Oct. 5 to Friday, Oct. 9 town crews will pick up appliances such as old washers, refrigerators and dishwashers and haul them to the landfill for proper disposal. 

Our normal garbage service does not handle these large items, but one week of the year the town has a drive to collect such appliances. Our crews will also handle computer and television sets.

To have a crew haul off these items, please call the town hall office at 828.525-2118 to schedule a time for the pickup. The appliances will need to be placed by the road in front of the residence.

This white goods week will also include the removal of old trash cans that were replaced by the new bear resistant toters. 

Please put these old cans with the white goods being disposed. If there are no appliances to be removed, attach a tag or note requesting that the cans be removed.

Remember to call Town Hall to schedule a pickup time for either appliances or old trash cans.

The old trash cans can be recycled, just as many appliance components can be too. And yes, if an appliance is pink, avocado, or blue, they too can be picked up.

Residents can transport appliances and electronics to designated county recycling centers anytime during the year. Disposal questions can be answered by calling 828.349.2215.

I also participated in a ZOOM meeting of the Southwestern Regional Planning Commission last Monday night. Regional elected officials participated in a briefing and discussion of issues facing counties and communities throughout Western North Carolina.

One of the top concerns expressed by all was the critical need for broadband throughout the region. The COVID-19 has underscored this critical need that impacts the economy, education, and the delivery of medical services to name only a few critical areas.

Another problem cited by almost everyone in the discussion was the impending pressures that will occur now that so many people are moving to Western Carolina. 

The people coming to the region from other metropolitan areas are purchasing houses and paying premium prices. While this trend has some positive aspects, it also creates challenges. 

One official pointed out the increase in home prices makes it difficult for young families to find affordable housing. 

The short-term rental phenomenon aggravates the problem even more. Not only are there housing pressures on the young, many of the elderly are also facing the same problem.

This new growth will also challenge the delivery of government services at the state, county, and municipal levels. Transportation and roads will be needed to accommodate our new residents.  Utilities will need to be expanded along with educational, medical and social services.

The consensus among the elected officials at the meeting was that as the region recovers from the pandemic, new challenges will face our communities. But, that is the way it always has been. Problems are solved, while others come forth. 

  • Town of Highlands Mayor Pat Taylor

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  1. Never have we had such a tireless, transparent and

    thoughtful Mayor! Thank you, thank you.

    Are you available for a couple more terms?

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