Main Street gets a touch of Halloween spirit

Halloween in Highlands was cancelled this year because of COVID-19, but Main Street still gets a dose of the Halloween spirit thanks to the Highlands Chamber of Commerce, Azalea Garden Club, Laurel Garden Club, and Mountain Garden Club.

Pedestrians along Main Street are enjoying the Halloween vibe made possible by the Highlands Chambers of Commerce and local garden clubs.

Garden club volunteers recently put up Halloween decorations in flower beds throughout Main Street, including pumpkins, hay bales, and gourds of all sizes.

A variety of fall decorations are on display along Main Streets in Highlands.

“Many thanks to the garden clubs for volunteering their time, even in the rain, to decorate Main Street for fall,” said Chamber Director Kaye McHan.

Pictured at the top of the article is a Halloween decorated flower bed at Main and 4th streets in Highlands.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors program ends

In March of this year COVID-19 pandemic began, and the potential crisis was realized. The immediate action by the community was to self-isolate and restrict our interactions with others.

Quickly, people realized that a significant portion of our town was vulnerable, and action had to be taken.

The Highlands Chamber of Commerce and community members created Neighbors Helping Neighbors to assist in pickup, shopping, and delivery services for members of our community at risk.

When the call to action went out the Highlands community stepped up and over 50 people answered the call to volunteer. Over the past seven months these generous people completed hundreds of missions serving their neighbors, not for pay, not for recognition, but for the knowledge that they were part of the solution.

It is with great pride that the Highlands Chamber of Commerce thanks these volunteers for their unselfish service to their neighbors.

As the doors close on this service for now, the Chamber stands by ready to reopen if needed.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Team:

Robin King Austin * Debre Berlin * Christina Briggs *Anna Bring * Sandra Carlton * Lisa Carrig * Courtney Chappell *Codie Couch * Lynn Delgado * Susan Duncan * Jim & Deb Dyal * Page Engelbrektsson * Kevin Fitzpatrick * Gail Flynn * Cindy Foster * Rachael Friday * Andrea Gabbard * Dale Gaston * Elizabeth Gordon * Melanie Ham * Florence Holmes * Bambi Famous Kaine * Mary Lou Harris * Jody Lovell * Diane McPhail * Kelli Moody * David Moore * Ricky Morales * Ian Newekk * Anne Newhouse * Cythia Peterson * Donna Philips * Julie Potts * Massimiialo Proietti * Janoah Rehmier * Juan Reyes * Cassie Ross * Susan Schwiering * Tod Sherwood * Robert Smith * Lauren Stallings * Carol Taylor * Julie Upshaw * Karen Vizza * Viola Westbrook * Peggy Pepper Wilkinson * Matt Eberz, NHN Leader

  • Article submitted by the Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center

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