New Dollar General Store on Cashiers Road begins to take shape

The property on Cherrywood Lane across from the Highlands Fire & Rescue Substation on the Cashiers Road will soon house a Dollar General Store.

Pictured below is the construction of a Dollar General Store in progress along Cashiers Road at Cherrywood Lane.

Originally, the landowners were planning on building a car storage facility, but then an offer came in for the property and that they accepted.

After the property was under contract, the sellers discovered that the buyer was a developer who builds Dollar General stores.

Construction of the Dollar General Store began around Dec. 1, when this photo was taken.

Within a week, construction crews made significant progress. Photo taken on Dec. 8.

The sellers said this was unexpected, so they called their attorney to understand the options.

“After research and a lot of discussion, it was clear that the developer planned on building a Dollar General somewhere on the road between Highlands and Cashiers. Knowing it would be our lot or another, we decided to move forward believing we could minimize the impact,” said the sellers.

The new Dollar General Store sits alongside Cashiers Road at Cherrywood Lane.

To that end, they negotiated for the developer to build an upgraded facade which cost the sellers $35,000 because they took a reduction in the purchase price.

“The net result will be a Dollar General in an already commercial location that will look much better than their store in Scaly or the one near Sapphire,” said the seller. “It is unfortunate that there are no zoning restrictions outside of the town limits.  If not selling to the builder meant there wouldn’t ever be a Dollar General on that road, we would have tried to find a way out of the deal. We love Highlands and wish there were no chain stores of any kind up here. I think we made the right decision.”

A streetside view of the new Dollar General Store being built along Cashiers Road at Cherrywood Lane.

Dollar General Stores are typically erected in areas without close access to variety stores.

“Though we don’t like how they look, we actually think it will serve that area very well considering it’s 10 minutes in either direction to the next place that will have milk or other basic essentials,” said the sellers. “And I doubt many other people would have spent their own money to make it look better.”

Article by Kim Lewicki, Highlands Newspaper
Photos by Brian O’Shea

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