Summit volleyball team takes on Highlands for second scrimmage of season

Summit volleyball team hopped a bus to Highlands last week for the second of four scheduled scrimmages throughout this year’s modified season. Highlands took the win in two sets, 2-0.

Highlands Brooklyn Petrone hits the ball during last week’s second scrimmage against Summit at home.

Highlands Coach Angela Swain getting time on the court is crucial to build upon for the future.

“Hand on the ball and practice as much as possible,” said Highlands Coach Angela Swain. “We’ve got 8th-graders moving up to the high school level and they need to trust each other and communicate well. We don’t want to lose out on an entire season of building skills.”

Highlands Assistant Coach Allison Hedman recently joined the MS volleyball program said scrimmages work just fine to keep your game sharp.

“This season is different, but it will be a good bridge to next year,” said Hedman. “Hopefully things will be back to normal next season and we’ll continue making progress.”

Summit Sarah Betty soars through for the kill against Highlands.

She added that it easier to work with experienced players because you can work to correct specific mistakes, instead of trying to teach the entire concept of the game.

“My first impression, they were impressive,” said Hedman. “They have a lot more skill than I would have expected at a middle school level.”

AE Woods jumps for the set at home last week.

Summit Athletic Director Jeremy Robinson stepped in for Coach Jesse Lloyd who couldn’t make the game and said each time the Lady Bears hit the court they get better and better.

“The girls did great, they showed a lot of improvement between the first and second scrimmages, which is what it’s all about,” said Robinson.

Summit Ladonna Dallman digs deep to return a Highlands serve while Kaila Lee looks on.

He added any chance players have a chance to compete makes them stronger in the long run.

“It’s been really important for them to get back into training and competition,” said Robinson. “They are a really fun group of girls and they love to play and compete. The experience they are gaining will definitely give them an advantage moving forward. We are excited about the future.”

Highlands Alicia Chastain serves to Summit last week at home.

Jackson County cancelled official middle school sports because of COVID-19, and Robinson said he was thankful Summit was able to schedule scrimmages with Highlands.

“It’s been really awesome working with Highlands, being able to support one another, and give our athletes a chance to play and compete,” said Robinson.

Summit Jazmin Barranco passes during the second of four scrimmages scheduled against Highlands this season.

Highlands Olivia Corbin hit it over to Summit last week at home.

Summit Chloe Crawford sets the ball against Highlands in their second scrimmage this season.

Highlands Cayden Pierson tips the ball against Summit Chloe Crawford.

From left are Summit Christina McDonald, Chloe Crawford, Kaila Lee, Catelynn Couch, and Sarah Betty catching a last few words of strategy Summit Coach Jeremy Robinson. Robinson was filling in for Summit Coach Jesse Robinson who could not attend the game.

Highlands Jaylin Raby sets it up during last week’s scrimmage. Raby is also pictured at the top of the article battling it out at the net with Summit Sarah Betty.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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