Summit girls basketball team stops Nantahala in season opener

Summit girls basketball team hosted Nantahala last week for the Lady Bears’ season opener and ended up victorious with a final of 32-20.

Summit Caitlynn Couch said the Lady Hawks made them work for the win.

“It was an aggressive game, hands and arms everywhere, but I think we did pretty good for the first game,” said Couch. “We need to work on our offense and passing, but we went out there and gave it our all.”

Summit Taylor Robinson drives to the basket using a pick from Chloe Crawford and scores 2.

Summit Taylor Robinson scored 16 and Sidney Sinclair put 9 on the board. Robinson you never know how the first game is going to go.

“We communicated well and we gave it our all,” said Robinson. “I’m very proud of us.”

The Lady Bears have several players new to the game and thinks everyone did a great job in the season opener.

Summit Sidney Sinclair on a fast break against Nantahala at home.

“I think we did well, especially for a team with a lot of new people,” said Sidney Sinclair. “We had a lot of nerves before the game, but we got through that. And the more we play together, the better we’ll get.”

Summit Chloe Crawford takes the ball inside for a layup.

Summit played Eagle Ridge on Thursday on the road and won 44-26, beginning their season with a 2-0 record. Robinson was on fire scoring 23 against Eagle Ridge, including knocking down 6 three-pointers.

Summit Sarah Betty moves in for a rebound.

Summit Christina McDonald goes for the steal against Nantahala.

Summit Caitlynn Couch takes it to the hoop against Nantahala.

From left are Summit Chloe Crawford, Christina McDonald, Sidney Sinclair, and Sarah Betty watching Taylor Robinson shoot a free throw on a technical.

Summit Karina Morales scopes out her options after bringing the ball down court.

Summit Jazmin Barranco

Summit Journi Jaynes brings the ball down court against Nantahala.

Summit Taylor Robinson takes it to the hoop from the top of the key.

Summit Christina McDonald picks off a Nantahala pass and takes off on a fast break.

Summit Sarah Betty takes the ball to the hoop for a layup.

Summit Caitlynn Couch is outnumbered but doesn’t give up.

Summit Chloe Crawford gets set to shoot a free throw.

Summit Sidney Sinclair keeps the pressure on Nantahala.

Pictured at the top of the article is Summit Caitlynn Couch on defense against Nantahala.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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