Dimmitt Chevrolet donates pick-up truck to Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust

Thanks to the generosity of Lawrence and Genevieve Dimmitt and Dimmitt Chevrolet in Clearwater, Florida, Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust (HCLT) has a pick-up truck to call its own.

As a nonprofit land-conservation organization that has conserved over 3,400 acres in over 100 locations, HCLT Staff spends a lot of time out on their properties.

Stewardship Coordinator Kyle Pursel visits each of their properties at least once annually on top of maintaining and sometimes building trails at their public access properties such as Brushy Face Preserve, Kelsey Trail, and Sunset Rock. 

Pursel often needs to haul landscaping tools, brush and other large, bulky items to and from their conserved lands that are often located in remote areas that are best reached with a four-wheel drive vehicle. 

Like most nonprofits, HCLT works on a lean budget. A truck wasn’t something they were able to purchase, yet it was something they needed if they were to not only maintain but grow their conserved land holdings. 

When the Dimmitts learned that the HCLT was in need, they stepped up by donating a Chevrolet Silverado from their Clearwater, Fla. Dimmitt Chevrolet dealership inventory to the land trust.

Now, thanks to their generosity, HCLT has the vehicle they need to care for their conserved lands, lands whose conservation value benefits everyone. 

The land that HCLT conserves protects the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink and healthy habitat for all who live here, two-legged, four legged, winged and scaled. 

We all benefit.  To learn how you can help the Land Trust with their mission to conserve valuable land resources for all generations, click HERE or email info.hitrust@earthlink.net.

If you see the Dimmitts around town, thank them for helping HCLT conserve the places we all love and need. 

Pictured at the top of the article is HCLT Stewardship Coordinator Kyle Pursel behind the wheel of the Land Trust’s new Chevrolet Silverado donated by Dimmit Chevrolet out of Clearwater, Florida.

Article and photo courtesy of Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust

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