Rethinking Thanksgiving traditions at The Mountain’s ‘A Grateful Gathering’

The prolonged challenges of Covid have led many individuals and organizations to examine their core values. Consideration of what is most important can lead to fundamental life-style changes and moving toward a more harmonious life.

We at The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center strive to live our core values and are re-examining roles and responsibilities related to Thanksgiving traditions. Thus spawned A Grateful Gathering, a long-weekend event open to the public from Nov. 24-28 at The Mountain.

The Mountain’s A Grateful Gathering begins Nov. 24.

This intergenerational event includes activities such as building corn husk dolls and shared meals featuring traditional, locally farmed, and ethically-sourced-food.

In collaboration with two Indigenous populations, A Grateful Gathering will include an acknowledgement of the impacts of colonization (absence of living in harmony) in our history and culture. Participants will also explore the benefits of and opportunities for participation in decolonization (moving toward living in harmony).

By understanding these systems and effects, people can work together to collaborate and heal, to reduce dependency on influences of colonization and to engage in decolonization.

Many of the activities at The Mountain are group oriented and encourage interaction between participants.

Consider the alignment between core values and relationships with people, land, food, animals, plants, water, and air through a variety of workshops that will facilitate learning together.

Included are overviews of permaculture (sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems), regenerative farming (farming and grazing practices that help reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter), Indigenous Ecovillages (intentional ecological communities), as well as native crops and foods. The intent is to extend understanding and honoring of these interdependent connections.

Individual or group opportunities to connect with nature include hikes, watching sunrises and sunsets from the top of our mountain, and observing stars in the dark of night.

The Mountain is an ecologically-conscious retreat and learning center serving adults and youth.

Located on 4,200-foot-high granite cliffs on the Eastern Continental Divide in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we offer opportunities to learn about and appreciate the unique ecology and history of the oldest mountains in the world. Join us for A Grateful Gathering to learn, embody, walk, and carry traditions that reflect your core values.

The Mountain makes a pretty spectacular venue for a variety of outdoor programs.

For more information and registration for overnight guests or commuters, click HERE, or call The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center at 828.526.5838.

Article and photos courtesy of The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center

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