New book installed along the StoryWalk at The Village Green

The Village Green and Vision Cashiers recently announced the installation of a new book on the StoryWalk at The Village Green along the Cashiers Greenway Ramble.

The Big Dance, written and illustrated by Aoife Greenham, is a fun and energetic story of inclusiveness.

As the story goes, everyone in the community is invited to the annual Big Dance. Pippa observes as her friends show their unique dance moves. She worries that she doesn’t have the ability to dance. With encouragement from her friends, she responds to the music and joyfully joins in. The beauty of The Big Dance is that even though we express ourselves differently, all share the ability to participate equally.

The Big Dance is written on a first-grade level with accompanying activities in both English and Spanish.

Bright and colorful illustrations make it fun for everyone to follow the story. Each page includes activities that anyone, any age, can enjoy, and encourages creative movement and self-expression.

A page from The Big Dance, the new book recently installed for the StoryWalk at The Village Green along the Cashiers Greenway Ramble.

There are sixteen pages in all, and the first page can be found near the Village Play. New books will be posted at least every 2-3 months to keep the content fresh and interesting.

The installation of the new book along the StoryWalk coincided with National StoryWalk Week, Nov. 15-19.

National StoryWalk Week is sponsored by the Let’s Move in Libraries program and the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services.

It’s a week to celebrate the people, libraries, and community groups that make StoryWalks possible across the globe and to celebrate the healthy lifestyles the StoryWalks promote, which includes “literacy, reading, health, exercise, and movement in communities and neighborhoods across the United States and the world.”

A visit to The StoryWalk at The Village is a great way to spend a holiday day with younger family members and friends.

Get outside, walk, play, and nurture their reading skills – all at the same time!

Pictured at the top of the article is Albert Carlton – Cashiers Community Librarian Serenity Richards standing next to the cover page of The Big Dance, the recently installed book along the StoryWalk at The Village Green.

Article and photos courtesy of The Village Green

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