Highlands Police Department to auction unclaimed property

The Highlands Police Department has in their possession computer equipment, jewelry, driver’s licenses, books, wallets, purses, clothing, cell phones, electronics, us currency, firearms, and other various items that have been turned in to the department as found property and have been held for a time greater than the required preservation time as described by state law.  

The Highlands Police Department will offer said articles for auction beginning on July 1, 2022. A more detailed list of items available is posted at the Macon County Courthouse, Highlands Police Department, Highlands Town Hall, and Highlands Civic Center.

Auction of suitable property will be handled by www.govdeals.com and funds from the auctioned property will be turned over to the Macon County Public School System. 

Unclaimed property will be donated to a charity organization. Property not suitable for donation or auction will be destroyed. 

This notice is given in accordance with provisions of the General Statutes of North Carolina, Chapter 15, Section 14. 

Article courtesy of the Highlands Police Department

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