A look at the new PAC

The public was invited to the Performing Arts Center’s open house and ribbon cutting on Sept. 18 to see all the bells and whistles required of a first class, 21st century performance center.

Below is a look at the new Highlands PAC:

The new PAC boasts a 298-seat theater, with a catwalk, lighting, screens, upscale dressing rooms for performers, a gathering area and concession area, lots of parking and access to the inviting lobby from the back or the front of the property.

PAC Ribbon cutting and open house on Sept. 18.

Mayor Pat Taylor and Executive Director Mary Adair Trumbly officiated the PAC’s ribbon cutting with opening remarks.

Highlands Mayor Pat Taylor makes opening remarks regarding the importance of the arts in a community at the PAC’s ribbon cutting.

“Today we are celebrating the arts. I reject that the arts are simply an enrichment experience, the arts is an essential experience for human beings. We are wired in our DNA to be creative, to have a sense of the aesthetic, to want to see harmony and beauty. That’s what defines us as human beings and this represents what beauty human beings can create when we work together,” said Taylor. “We have had a lot of people working together, sometimes not agreeing but still working toward a beautiful end. This building is a lasting testament to this community. This shows how when we work together, we can create beautiful life-affirming artistic experiences. A beautiful dream that started years ago, is now something that will serve this community from here on out.”

PAC Executive Director Mary Adair Trumbly talks to a crowd at the PAC’s ribbon cutting about how thrilled she is that the project is finished.

Mary Adair Trumbly opened with a quote from Julie Andrews.

“Feed the body food and drink, and it will survive. Feed the soul art and music and it will live forever.” “There are so many people to thank, Choate Construction built this in 1 year, 2 months and 2 days. Thanks to project manager JLL, the architect, the theatre collaborative, the consultants for their guidance and expertise. Thanks to the board which is visionary and hard working. This dream first came about at a board retreat in Aug 2015, so it’s been a long time. But this was built by the community for the community with over $13.7 raised. So please come enjoy and experience what we have to offer.”

Since the PAC’s opening there have been several events in the new theater and Trumbly said everything is working as hoped, which can be tricky when dealing with things like acoustics and lighting. 

The Highlands Performing Arts Center is on 507 Chestnut Street in Highlands. For information and to purchase tickets click HERE or call 828.526.9047.

Learn more about the new PAC project HERE.

By Kim Lewicki, Highlands Newspaper

An aerial view of the front of the new PAC.

The new rear entrance.

Rear entrance from the air.

The new construction is attached to the old Playhouse on the left-side.

New 298 seat theater.

New theater from the stage.

The new lobby from the front entrance.

The new lobby from the rear entrance. PAC donors are listed along the right-side wall.

A panoramic photo of the front of the PAC.

By Kim Lewicki, Highlands Newspaper
Photos by Brian O’Shea

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