Highlands MS girls take first at Summit-hosted cross country meet

Five schools descended upon Summit Charter School on Wednesday for a middle school cross country meet including Summit, Highlands, Rabun Gap, Tallulah Falls, and Towns County Schools.

Highlands came in first for the girls and Towns County came in first for the boys. Highlands boys came in fourth and Summit in second. Summit girls took fifth place.

The track took runners around the perimeter of Summit Charter School and included a double loop through the woods totaling 2 miles.

Highlands Claire Worley came in first overall for the girls and said she ran Wednesday’s meet with confidence.

“I knew I was going to do pretty good, but I definitely thought someone was going to beat me,” said Worley.

Claire Worley makes her way through the trail section of the Summit-hosted cross country meet on Wednesday. Worley came in first for the girls overall.

She added runners were given the chance to run the course before the meet to get a feel for the route.

“I was worried I was going to get off track, but it was pretty easy, and there were some hills and trails that were fun.”

Highlands Ariel Taylor (on right) chats with her friend while cranking through the 2-mile cross country course on Wednesday at Summit Charter School.

Highlands Isaiah Vilardo came in fourth overall for the boys and said it was a well-rounded course.

“I did pretty good,” said Vilardo. “I thought I was going to do a lot worse, and the course was great, it had a little bit of everything.”

Isaiah Vilardo after coming in fourth place at a Summit-hosted cross country meet on Wednesday.

Summit Wylie Hoffman said he loved the course and that it was laid out “perfectly”.

“I pushed myself to the limit and did pretty good, but not the best,” said Hoffman. “It was hard but in a way it felt good.”

Highlands Nicole Taylor said the course was laid out well for runners.

“I thought it was going to be a really rough course, but it turned out ok,” said Taylor. “I wish there were more trails with shade though.”

Highlands girls cross country team wait at the finish line cheering on the boys.

Highlands Margaret Cole said shade would have been a welcome addition to more parts of the course.

“The thing that got me was the sun, that was the worst part,” said Cole. “You’re running and the sun hits your eyes and you slow down, at least I do.”

Summit Lauche Young said he gave it his all, and then chose to stay back to help a friend with a minor injury.

Summit Chloe Woods is in the zone on the trail  portion of the course. Runners from Summit and Highlands said the route was laid out well and they enjoyed the course.

“I felt like I did the best I could,” said Young. “Then my buddy got injured and I stayed back with him, but we made it to the end.”

Highlands Birdie Sherwood came in 10th place and couldn’t be happier.

“I did alright,” said Sherwood. “I came in 10th and I feel good about it. Only thing is I wish there were more trails, I love running through the forest.”

Highlands Margaret Cole powers through the second loop of the trail portion of the course at Summit Charter School on Wednesday.

Summit Lauch Young is eyeing the 100 yards left to the finish line.

Highlands Nicole Taylor on the final leg of Wednesday’s cross country meet.

From left are Summit Sonya Tretiakov and Catelynn Couch psyched to be out of the sun and in the woods.

Claire Worley leads the beginning of the girls heat at Wednesday’s meet. Worley took first in girls overall.

Highlands Middle School Cross Country team after running 2 miles at Summit.

Article and Photos by Brian O’Shea
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